Breaking thru the Darkness: Soul Matrices

Thanks again for all the feedback and kind words. I never imagined a dream could garner such overwhelming response. Wow!

This week’s message on soul matrices is the final segment in what has turned out to be a 3-part series. I have to tell you, this whole thing with soul matrices is new to me, and I’m only talking about it cause it was so much a part of my dream. Since I haven’t done any research into since the dream, your perspective may be different from mine. I’m going to share what was in the dream and let you take it from there.

Having popped thru the dark cloud, I found myself in a place filled with the most amazing light. As I wrote in the first segment, it was a wise, conscious light. I recall feeling really happy and at peace in this light … the peace came from finally having answers to questions that had bothered me for years. Any question I had was immediately answered, some even before I finished forming the question.

One of my questions was, did I make a mistake not going with my brother Mike to try to stop my our younger brother, Keith from taking his life? It was a question that had plagued me since his death. I secretly feel that I had somehow failed Keith.

No sooner did I begin to think about that question then I found myself in a new place … as in another dimension; one I intuitively knew was much higher than where I was before. There was a soft breeze blowing, I remember the sound more than the feel because I saw it ruffling my brother’s shirt. Yes, I turned and there he was! Dressed in white loose-fitting linen slacks (the kind you’d wear on the beach) and a white silk shirt with casually rolled-up sleeves, my tall, handsome brother strode towards me looking much as he did when he was in his 30s. “You made it!” He shouted as he strode towards me. “I’m so glad you are here!”

Smiling that beautiful smile I remembered, Keith picked me up in a big bear hug. Billions of sparkling light particles shot through my being taking my breath away the moment his arm touched mine. I was both shocked and thrilled.

Stepping back, I looked at him and said, “Why are you wearing glasses? You don’t need them now?”

“So you would know that it was me,” he replied with a laugh and a twinkle in his eye. (They disappeared the moment he took them off). Reaching for my hand he took it in his and said, “Come with me, I want to show you something.” But I couldn’t move because I feared I would disappear if I did. (The sadness I felt from the scenes of his death running through my head kept lowering my frequency so that I flickered in and out.)

Sensing my distress, he stopped to explain. “When you are happy for me, and truly at peace with my passing, you can meet me here. Happiness and compassion are what it takes to align your frequency with mine so that you can be here.”

On that note I asked, “Where are we, I asked?”

“You are home.” Keith responded. “This is where we came from.”

I stood there for a moment thinking. I instantly understood what he was talking about. He and I were on our home world and I was talking to him from that place in time where we were before we left to go to Earth.

Our species is crystalline; we are crystal people and we make crystal grids. These grids come in many forms big and small. Our job on Earth, our mission was to do grid work using crystals. We also designed the crystalline structure that would be used by humans to hold an etheric neural network allowing hyphen to develop a new set of higher-dimensional beliefs, as in DNA Recoding. The network would allow all psychic abilities to be restored including communication with higher realms.

Like all other off-world groups we were giving something to the Earth Grand Experiment order to have the opportunity to come back in time to fix something that went wrong in our future. Our civilization had polarized to the Light causing us to lose our ability to protect ourselves.

Suddenly something from a dream the night before finally made sense. I had seen a long crystal break into 3 pieces. The upper half, broken from the shaft, almost completely split apart; only thin layer on one side that kept the two pieces connected.

Later in the dream I saw a mantle clock that was filled with coins and something else I couldn’t see. When I picked it up the bottom gave way. Out spilled a pile of change along with two golden crystals. One was about 5″ long and the other was about 3.5″.

Standing there next to Keith, I understood when, reading my mind, he said, “We are the golden crystals.”

Now it all made sense, why I felt so connected to this brother, we are two halves of the same soul, so to speak. (Did you know that a crystal can hold a soul?) I also saw why I, Joscelyn came to Earth and why I agreed to the stasis walk-in arrangement with Jelaila. She is my ancient ancestor whom I agreed to host so that she could come and do her work on the timeline. But she would need crystal grids to do it. I provided that. Once she was done she left and I returned. (See Mission Remembered for more details.)

Back to Keith, it was at this point that he spoke of the soul matrix. “You see me here, he said, and I am whole and happy. That confuses you because you remember me as I was before.” At this point he showed me a vision of himself in what I sense was a healing chamber. It was on a plane of existence that was just beyond Earth … a lovely, beautiful place filled with light and sound. His body seemed to be suspended in air. I saw blue, green and violet light swirling around and through the numerous holes in his body created by all the negative hits he endured while on earth. For just a split second I saw a vision of what he had endured … it made me shudder.

Keith explained that my compassion, joy and acceptance, my happiness and loving thoughts are the energy that helps him to heal. When I am sad, it is like another hit — and he feels it.

Back to the soul matrix. Keith was showing me himself in two dimensions. He was trying to explain that we each had aspects of ourselves on other worlds. He was also explaining that we crystal people had, and will continue to have a large role, to play in Earth’s ascension. I also understood why the term “soul matrix,” has been coming up for me lately thru numerous people asking about it.

In closing, it appears we have a mission to perform; a call is being made to all the crystal people right now. What all it entails, and what the next step is to be, I do not know. Yet, if past experience is any indicator, we will soon find out.

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