Breaking thru the Darkness: Releasing Entities

First off, I want to say thanks to all who responded to last week’s message, “Breaking through the Darkness.” You showed me that I had no need to be concerned about whether it would be appropriately received.

There was much more to that dream than I first thought, and I feel strongly that I am to share that info with you. Due to the amount, I’m breaking it down into pieces that I hope will be easy to understand.

Today I’ll go further and explain more about the dark cloud, the realm of darkness, the entities and how I used the steps and answers (9 questions/steps) of the Formula of Compassion (Formula) to get out.

The Dark Cloud/Layer

As I wrote last week, when I moved up and out of my body, I hit this layer energy that was like a cloud. The cloud was thick in some areas and thin in others. It had multiple interwoven layers that reminded me of Baklava. But the texture was much different; instead of being light, flaky and sweet, they were rubbery, like a balloon, and mucky.

I got the distinct impression that this dark cloud is not the same as the 3D Veil, and how it is connected, I am not sure. It exists in this dark realm that I sense may be the astral plane. I clearly remember that this plane had a bottom and a top, both cloud like, and was maybe 100 feet in height. It was dimly lit with the light coming from the light above the clouds on top.

Back to the dark cloud…

I got the sense that the cloud was something that we each personally create. Each time we feel anger, fear, sadness or hopelessness, (any negative feeling), and we stuff that feeling; it doesn’t disappear. The feeling is shunted from the physical body into the emotional field through a corresponding chakra where it attaches to the dark cloud.

Emotional Clearing, DNA Recoding and the Dark Cloud

It didn’t occur to me until after last week’s message that the dark cloud is connected to the emotional blocks I speak of in DNA Recoding.

DNA Recoding Overview

When I received that info back in 1996, I saw the blocks as separate little onions. Now I realize they are all connected and make up this cloud I was seeing. It also explains the part of seeing that the layers are thick in some areas and thin in others. The thick areas are blocks that simply have more layers. The thin areas are the areas that stretch between and connect the blocks. In short, when we do emotional clearing we are essentially working on removing layers from the many interconnected blocks (onions) in this cloud. Compassion permanently removes the layers.

I remember seeing that my cloud was one of many, in fact, the clouds stretched out in front of me for miles into the distance in all directions. I intuitively know, without having to see, that there was a human beneath each of the clouds.

The smell or odor of this place was another thing that I remembered after writing last week’s message. The smell (actually, it was more like a stench) was very strong and disgusting. Each feeling or emotion had a specific odor. Anger smelled like burnt tar and bitterness smelled like green bile. Fear, now that was something else! It was pungent and reminded me of the unsavory orders emanating from my brothers’ dirty clothes basket when it was filled with week-old dirty socks, underwear and sweaty gym clothes.

The final thing about the smells is that they had a strong unbalancing effect. Terror was the most destabilizing.

The Entities

The entities that I saw quietly moving from cloud to cloud harvesting the energies, were your run of the mill variety. They seemed frightening at first but my perspective changed as I took them through the Formula of Compassion.

For those not familiar with the Formula, it is a series of 9 questions that lead a person out of being the disempowered victim, and into being the empowered full responsible creator of an event. This occurs because the answers can only be obtained through the application of higher beliefs. I call them “God Conscious” beliefs. These are the fully integrated beliefs of a creator god/goddess. These God conscious beliefs enable us to activate the endocrine system at the multidimensional level. The most important function at that level is that of the thymus: it produces the hormone of compassion.

Formula of Compassion 

It was when I reached the point in the *Formula* where I felt compassion, that the slit opened in the cloud allowing me to get through.

Another thing that occurred during the dream was my personal experience with the entities. One of them had attached to me. It had attached in order to feed off the rich energies of sadness and despair that I had been carrying since my brother’s sudden death two years before. (Each time I felt those feelings, they flowed like dark ink into my emotional field.)

As I wrote in previous message, my brother’s death shattered me and brought on depression. Though I had moved through a lot of it, there was still lingering grief. I had asked for help in releasing the remainder. This dream was the answer. What was holding me back was this entity–that I was not aware of. So when I saw it in the dream, I knew I had to release it. In doing so I learned something very valuable. Below is my Formula that I worked to release the entity.

The 9 questions/answers of the Formula of Compassion

1. What is the lesson? The lesson was to understand how entities serve the Light, along with how compassion not only released the entity, it freed us both from the dark cloud.

2. What is the contract? The contract was for the entity to attach for as long as I needed it to.

3. What is the role? The role the entity was playing was to show me how I drain myself by choosing to feel sadness and despair when I know that not only does it hurt me, it does nothing to help my brother who lives on and is trying to heal on the “other side.”

4. What is the aspect of myself being reflected? Entities attach and drain energy. I had allowed the grief and sadness over my brother’s death to turn to depression which is extremely draining. So the entity was mirroring to me how I have behaved like an entity to myself.

5. What is the gift? There was more than one gift. First, the gift of being able to release the entity. Secondly, it was recognizing how far I had gone in allowing the depression to take hold affecting my health, and life in general. Thirdly, realizing that the way to release an entity is acceptance if it’s purpose for existence, rather than rejection and condemnation, as I was taught as a child.

6. Can I accept responsibility? Yes, I can accept responsibility for this entity having been in my life since I am the one that made the contract.

7. Can I allow myself to let go? Yes, I can allow myself to let go of fear and anger I felt towards entities.

8. Can I release to release blame? Yes, I can release them from blame. After all, the one that was with me showed up per my agreement that we made before I was born.

9. Can I be kind now, and if so, how? Yes, I can be kind. The way I will show it is to help others understand the role of entities, as well as, how to release these tortured souls so that they can go home.

Final thoughts on the Entities

When the entity detached from my shoulders it transformed from a faceless being with dark and icky energy, into a soul. This Soul seemed to be confused as though it had just remembered who it really was. I felt such strong emotions, of wonder at what I was witnessing, of heartache for all the pain it had suffered. I thought of all the people this soul had loved and how they must have missed him/her. I wondered what had happened to cause him/her to end up here.

Suddenly, the Soul saw the light and moved towards it, disappearing from view. I realized then that my choice to feel compassion had released it from its prison in this dark realm, allowing it to finally go home. I sensed others excitedly waiting for him/her on the other side.

I looked into the distance and observing the other entities wondered who they were. It never occurred to me that many were lost souls. And they awaited their release.

In closing, there is still more to this dream, a part about soul matrices, and I’ll cover that in another weekly message. I hope that what I have shared this week is as helpful to you as it was to me.

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