Breaking thru the Darkness: Positive Energy Account

Was talking to this networking group I go to on Tuesday mornings. I’ve been going there for about a year now. When you work from home, it’s good to get out sometimes.

Up until just recently, I rarely talked about my work, but that changed last week. We were discussing the concept of luck and how to create it. I decided to raise my hand and share. I intended to give a brief explanation of how we create our reality but instead, something really wonderful came out–the idea of a positive energy account. It was the first time I had heard of such a thing. Seems I was downloading another piece from that dream I have been writing about. (See the links below for previous messages.)

By the time I was done, the entire table was as astounded as I. We had discovered something that that not only could they understand, they could start using it right away and see results. Simple in concept yet powerful, I knew I needed to share it with you.

What goes around comes around …

With the advent of accelerated time, the lag between cause and effect has shrunk. We are told that it is now about 36 hours. This means that whatever we think and feel will come back to us in about 36 hours. Yep, all of our positive and negative thoughts in less than 2 days. Hmmm …

The idea is to imagine that we each have a positive energy account, and it is from this account that we create luck. We all pull life force/raw energy from the morphogenetic field (Field) into our bodies via the protein receptor points on our DNA strands. (See links below for more info.)

It is this energy that we use to create our reality. How we use it, emoting it through the neural net in the heart, determines what we attract back. If we use the energy to emote positive feelings, we get back positive results. If we emote negative feelings, well–you get the picture.

Luck occurs when we have emoted/expressed more positive than negative energy from our account for an extended period of time. How long that time is depends on the person. A continuous flow out allows time for us to attract a greater amount of positive possibilities. These possibilities are people, opportunities and things. These possibilities formulate into events that then are set up/manifest in our life, and appear to be almost miraculous in some cases.

Negative thoughts and feelings being emoted into the Field are the only thing that stand between us and creating luck … or anything positive. If we find ourselves feeling down or negative, those feelings act much the same as a withdrawal from the Positive Energy Account. My new rule is that I emote 2 something positive feelings for every 1 negative one. That way I stay ahead in my account. Does that make sense?

Explaining the energy account to the group really was a gift in many ways. First,they felt empowered with a way to control their respective realities–no more flying blind, so to speak. Secondly, it gave us a way to create a bridge of understanding between us. Until then I had not been able to really connect with this group because we worked on different levels. And third, it gave them a way to create their own luck — felt sooo good!

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