Are You Nibiruan?

Its not uncommon for people I’m counseling to ask, “Am I Nibiruan?” After all, they felt drawn – or guided – to find me so that is a fair question. Now, I’m the kind of person that feels that people will believe everything they say, but little of what you say so I take them through a series of questions to find the answer. I call it the Nibiruan questionnaire.

Below are the questions I ask. Some are general to all starseeds and walk-ins, while others are Nibiruan specific. If you answer yes to more than 8 then you are most likely Nibiruan.

Nibiruan Questionnaire

  1. Do you feel that you were born into the not just the wrong family but on the wrong planet?
  2. Do you feel your real home is “out there?”
  3. Are you drawn to research ancient history, especially Egyptian and Sumerian?
  4. Do you feel drawn to research Nibiru and understand information from authors such as Zecharia Sitchin?
  5. So you feel drawn to grid work, with a deep sense of commitment to lay grid lines and/or anchor grid points?
  6. Do you feel drawn to visit or live near vortices?
  7. Do you find multidimensional concepts easy to understand, such as multiple realities and timelines?
  8. Are you drawn to research DNA activation, connection or alignment?
  9. Are you more drawn to timelines, and the ascension path more than just spirituality?
  10. Do you believe the overall purpose of our being here is achieve peace through polarity integration; the balancing of light and dark.

Many Species, Many Races

People often ask how they can be Nibiruan when they are not of human origin? Nibiru and the Nibiru star system are somewhat of a melting pot for the universe. Though most star systems are host to a number of species, the Nibiru solar system hosts a relatively higher number proportionately. It’s much like the US to other nations.

With that said, Nibiru does have an indigenous population and they are human, but there are other species that now consider themselves native as well. The reason for this is that Nibiru, was colonized for a purpose, to begin the higher mission of achieving polarity integration. This goal required more than one species to reside on the home world. Though the humans arrived first, they were soon joined by others.

The Nibiruan Mission

There are a lot of different off-world groups with people here on Earth working on their overall mission to help Earth. The Nibiruans’ mission as this to help humanity fulfill our divine destiny as peacekeepers of the universe. To achieve this goal, they provided tools and processes to unlock, decrypt, and recompile our 10 strands of encrypted (“junk”) DNA. (See We are the Nibiruans, Book One, and The Mission Remembered, Book Two.)

With recompiled DNA we can achieve unconditional compassion and thus sustain peace.

To accomplish the mission, some of us were sent to do grid work (which anchors and sustains the consciousness for the mission), while others provide various segments of the DNA reclamation process. Still others teach about timelines, ascension and the waves of ascension. Together they fulfilling the Nibiruans’ vast mission.

Next Phase Preparation Has Begun

In preparation for the new mission phase about to get underway, the Nibiruans have sent a message to their people about upgrading our technology and Internet presence. I’ve noticed other Nibiruan teachers talking about having gotten new computers or creating new websites. (You will know them because they talk about DNA, timelines, waves of ascension, etc.) That’s pretty cool.

In closing, if after answering the Nibiruan questionnaire, you discover that you are Nibiruan, please let me know. I’m honored to be among you and would love to welcome you home.

Until next time,

Jelaila Starr