Integration: The Bakken Pipeline Conflict

Chaos and conflict abound as we move through this phase of ascension. You have only to turn on the evening news or open up your FB page, to see that we are in crazy and unprecedented times of change (and that includes conflict).

What I feel many people may not understand is that ascension involves integration. To move up we must integrate something, bringing into compassion, thus nullifying the polarizing energies. Once integrated, we experience peace.

So one could say that ascension is a upward-spiraling dance of integration in which we become more compassionate and thus, more peaceful. In doing so we become the universal peacekeepers which I believe is our divine destiny. Pretty cool, eh?

For this to occur we must have something to integrate and that is the value the Dark with in its ability to create conflict.

Paving the Way for Peaceful Galactic Interactions

It is my understanding that we are attempting to make an ascension leap of major importance right now. We know this because of all the “help” coming in to assist. Along with planetary alignments and solar activity, we have numerous conflict dances. Some of these provide additional opportunities because they involve creating templates for our future.

Entry into the galactic community is part of the new timeline we are in the process of merging on to (much like merging on to a busy freeway). As we prepare for this expansion ( full disclosure of past interactions with our off-world neighbors) we need a template that will help ensure that future interactions will be both positive and equitable. There is a conflict occurring right now that, I believe will enable us to create that template.

The Bakken Pipeline conflict offers that opportunity because it is a conflict between native peoples and big industry or natural resources. How it gets resolved will be a template for how we work through issues with off-world races, coming to and “moving in” on our planet. We will be the indigenous people then.

My good friend and fellow teacher Nancy Joy Hefron, wrote a great message about the Bakken Conflict. I feel she is right on. Check it out at  The written portion is in the description of the video.

What We Can Do

As those understand template making and integration, I am asking that we each do our part to help create this template. I found that Nancy’s first hand interactions with people who live in the are of the pipeline conflict have provided just what we need to see both sides.

One last thought. Perhaps, like the conference call to create the shift with the Global Elite, we can do one for this conflict. Let me know what you think, okay?

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