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People, money and opportunity–they are the 3 ingredients needed to complete a mission assignment.  Yet, when we receive assignments and without understanding how to obtain them we end up blocked, frustrated and, in some cases, financially strapped.  So how does it work?  How do we get what we need.

The best way that I can explain it is with examples. The new Nibiruan Council website is the latest.  Here’s the story of how this massive site, with its 400+ pages, an extensive online store, and an 8 year-old blog with 300+ postings, was recreated and launched in only two months.  Enjoy!

I had often thought about building a new site but had not due the size and scope of the project.  So for years I had limped along with the old site, even after Google had stopped indexing it due to its outdated code.  One thing I’ve learned is that when the Nibiruans want something done, they let me know and they always send the people, money and opportunities needed to make it happen.

I posted the weekly message that same morning and asked to help creating a new website template. That afternoon, I received Coran’s email offering to create a site along with several others.

It’s been my experience that the Nibiruans know who they want for specific jobs. I must simply figure out who that person is from the ones who are sent. Going further, when it is time for something to be done, I’ll begin receiving thoughts about it months in advance.

With that in mind, the idea of using WordPress had been popping in my head for quite some time. I had even gone there about a year ago and created an account. At the time I thought it was to create a site for “Rainbows in Heaven” a blog/book I would write about depression and suicide. But the software was confusing to me so I let that idea go for the time being.

Back in June I wrote that I felt it was time for a new website. Actually, the thought had begun popping into my head each morning, (our normal communication time) accompanied by a sense of urgency. But again, how to go about it was the problem. So, I told the Nubiruans that I would be happy to fulfill their request but they would have to provide the means.

The criteria for choosing a new designer included experience with WordPress. I realized this because it was the only software that I had been drawn to explore. The other criteria was some who had the vision and focus. The final criteria was artwork.

Response to the weekly message came quickly. Looking through all the offers that came in I found several wonderful site designers with loads experience; many had good ideas for the new layout and focus, but none gave me that feeling of “Yep, that’s the one.”

I checked my email later in the day and that’s when I saw Coran’s email. It had actually been sent that morning before I even posted the weekly message but for some reason I had not seen it. Hmmm… Coran not only has the WordPress experience, she has the vision, the focus, and I got that “Yep, she’s the one.” feeling.

It’s been two months since we first began the project and the website is now live! Coran gave the Nibiruans just what they wanted: a beautiful look with a sleek and easily navigable design, all wrapped around a focus on the 9D Nibiruans and their message of unconditional compassion.

People, money and opportunity, the Nibiruans provided all and got their new website. I can’t wait to see what and how many blessings come to Coran as the Nibiruans always, always, abundantly bless those that help them.

I told Coran that with this site, I feel that I am now ready for a whole new adventure. Though the destination is unknown (at least to me) its okay; thanks to her I’ve got what is needed to go wherever the Nibiruans want to go. And if it begins like it did 20 years ago when we first launched, this next phase of the work will be absolutely amazing!

Coran’s info: Coran’s Web


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  • February 11, 2017 at 8:39 pm

    Hi my name is brad McIntee. I have just subscribed to your news letter. I have recently became what I now believe to be in a higher state of being. Everything has become so much easier.
    Thank you.

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