The Value of Alone Time

Was led this week to look at a couple of sites that I had not seen before. They both speak of this time as being one of shifting, as in shifting into or onto offshoots of our current timeline. These offshoots act much like on ramps of a freeway, leading us to higher elevations on our journey of ascension.

Going a bit further, when stellar alignments occur, coupled with increased solar activity while, at the same time, our solar system moves through certain areas of space, we have acceleration opportunities through portal or stargate openings. These opportunities allow us to access higher levels of on ramps thus accelerating our ascension. We are in such a time, and will be through the Equinox in September.

It’s crazy out there!

In addition to the stargate and portal openings with their intense energies, there is the near insanity we see in the world, especially in the US with our bizarre presidential election process. Add to that more terrorist attacks coupled with fanning flames of racism and it’s no wonder we are struggling to keep ourselves together.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been struggling to keep myself together, especially the last 4 weeks. I tend to forget that if I fail to monitor my energy expenditures, I can so easily become unbalanced. Well–I haven’t been monitoring very much and its happenin’. (Aargh!)

In the last month, with everything on my plate (family, work, dogs, volunteering, etc) having alone time has taken a backseat. When I did try to do it, the results were minimal resulting in only a few hours of focus concentration. Consequently, I’m feeling the effects: dropping things, pouring chicken broth (meant for the dogs’ food) into my coffee instead of cream, stumbling, running into screen doors … oh yeh, it’s bad!

Having that alone time is critical now. Being able to decompress and feel all the feelings that we’ve squirreled away is a must. Without it, we soon feel scatter-brained, unable to focus and concentrate. This, as many of you know, can be financially costly.

The Lucky Charm

Being scatter-brained may not be the worst consequence we face. I think the greatest consequence is the loss of good luck. With good luck we receive blessings in the form of physical healing, good opportunities, financial windfalls; all the stuff that miracle are made of.

In my experience, good luck stems from the consistent output of joy and gratitude, appreciation and just plain happiness, over an extended period of time. When we take our alone time, it allows us to feel those feelings, because we have the time to reflect on the day or days past, sorting and sifting through the events, feeling all the things that occurred. We have the time to get in touch with all those feelings, which then enables us to send out a load of good vibes.

So yesterday I decided to stop, just stop. I went to my room (my sanctuary) and shut the door. It’s the one place in my house that is totally private, the one place where I can be alone… to ground, feel my feelings and just decompress. Today I feel more grounded, a little more in touch but I know I’m not done. I have a lot more to process.

In closing, taking time to be alone and feel is important, now more than ever. By taking alone time each day, we ensure that we will make it through this final ascension phase, being able to take advantage of the acceleration opportunities, while keeping our sanity intact and good luck flowing. Okay, I’m off to my room now.

Until next time, be well and wonderful!

Jelaila Starr