Activating the Thymus to Transform DNA

Hi Everyone,

A quick note to let you know that a lot of new information about changing DNA was given in yesterday’s Accelerated Galactic Master Class.  It involved how to turn on the thymus to perform the job for which it was put into the human body.  Because that job is of a spiritual nature, it now makes sense why medical science has not been able to identify its purpose.

There was also information about how the Formula of Compassion holds the key (literally and figuratively) to igniting the thymus so that it acts as a combustion engine, returning any and all negative emotions into the Void as raw energy.

That class was so good that I again more than grateful that this class was recorded.  Seems the 9D Elders have intentions to truly fast track our learning with this series because they are giving new information in every session.

You can still get the recording for Session 4, even if you cannot attend the session and this goes for every session.

Have a good weekend, keep holding the line and letting your light shine.  Things are about to turn around for the better.

big hugs from the sunny land of Oz (Kansas),


Click here for info and to get the Session 4 recording.