Timeline Change: Civil W_r to Revolutionary

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As we move along towards the end of this 3rd Grand Experiment, there are events that will be markers of where we have altered the outcome. One of those markers is  whether we have a civil war or a revolutionary war.  In the past Grand Experiments, they were not able to pull off a revolution because that required the people remain together with a single focus of freedom rather than allowing themselves to be divided and end up fighting each other.

Based on what I received this morning from “upstairs”, it appears we have passed or are about to pass the critical point in the replays where the “Dark Hats” were able to intimate a civil war.  Right now we are waging a covert revolutionary war and it is my understanding that the White Hats prefer that when it comes into public view, it remain a revolution with the people staying united and focused on freedom.

Supporting this effort is critical right now because of events that may be in play very shortly and that could easily blow up into a civil conflict.  I am not sure exactly what those events are, but if the signs regarding the Super Bowl being a puppy bowl (puppy is code for sex puppy and there is evidence that se_ traf_ic_ing occurs during the Super Bowl), is any indication, it could involve revelations around pe_oph_eli_.   (Sorry for having to be so cryptic.)

I have included a link to a podcast with Juan O Savin where he speaks of the Cabal’s intentions regarding our future and their bloodline.  I am including it because it is what we have been saying for over 2 decades.  It is also confirmation of what we discussed in the history portion of the Galactic Master Class regarding the Sirius B catastrophe, and the origins of blood sacrifice.  Amazing how it all fits together.

Juan O Savin – https://youtu.be/cVf3Ae07BgE

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Replay link: https://fccdl.in/Dk7HL9mjrG

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