The Greatest PsyOps Come at the End of the Game

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From the emails I have received it appears that many are finding it very difficult to know what and who to believe.  It is my understanding that this is occurring because the best psychological operations are being played out right now and by  the White Hats and the Dark Hats.  The Dark Hats are playing them against the people and the White Hats are playing them against the Dark Hats to confuse them and keep the White Hat plans concealed. Boy, does the phrase, “a war for the minds of humanity” make sense now more than ever?  And to make matters even more challenging, we have entered into a global Dark Night of the Soul.  Good grief!

So how do we navigate through these times and keep from losing our dang minds?  That is the topic of our next Compassion Creator Call.

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Galactic Master ClassAccelerated Galactic Master Class – Session 4/the Keys of Compassion portion begins!

Having explained how the events of Avyon One and Two, along with Sirius B are playing out now in our current timeline, we begin with the exploring the solution to clearing and moving beyond these past events, traumas at the end of a universal game.

Just to recap, in the first 3 session on Galactic history, we covered some of the info in Mission Remembered, but also new information on:

  • the role of the Black A.I.
  • Marduk and his astronauts (the biblical fall of the angels)
  • why, how and by whom the blood sacrifice of humans began, and the connection to the Sirius B Sirians
  • why the Nibiruans disconnected 10 DNA strands (yes, there was more than one reason) along with new information about the events occuring at that time that became the catalyst for that decision
  • plus much more…

Now we move into the multidimensional tools the 9D Ancient Elders provided to aid with the reconnection, realignment and activation of those 10 DNA strands (DNA Recoding).  This week we will focus on the Formula of Compassion.  We have learned this Formula is much, much more than we knew and why it was written in its current order.  Also, why we were given the additional 6 Keys.

For those interested in the galactic history, you can still get the recordings.  Simply place an order for the session(s) and I’ll send you the link(s).

Session 4 – Formula of Compassion
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