The Skies Will Heal

Hi All,

Chemtrails over Platte Landing Park

It is with great joy that I write this week’s post.  For those of you following the plan to save the world, you know that our president gave us coded messages through during his Salute to America speech. Thanks to the amazing work of Serial Brain 2 in decoding the messages, we now know that the White Hats/Alliance are now in control of the c_emtr_iling.  using the Cabal’s equipment against them, the Alliance will begin releasing substances into the air that will heal the skies along with the physical damage done to us as well!

The Explosive Message Trump Coded in his Salute to America Speech

Winning: Trump Now Controls the Chemtrails

As I see it, this is the fulfillment of the message we received back in the fall of 2017 and confirmation that the template we created at that time for the c_emt_ailing had an impact.

Higher Perspective on Chemtrails

Now it is time to celebrate!

There’s also more info on the RV and another template for it that we need to make so that will be on the list for tonight as well.

Talk with you in a few hours.

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