Higher Perspective on Chemtrails

Greetings all,

Again, what a wonderful call we had last week on A.I.s and the possible connection to autism and Aspergers.  Hearing about so many people also connecting the dots was great confirmation.  Isn’t it amazing how things on Earth appear to us when we step out of the Matrix and view them from above?

Chemtrails over Platte Landing Park

On the note of seeing things from a higher perspective, we have a new assignment: integrating chemtrails.  I know, seems impossible right?  Well–again, when viewed from a higher perspective, and in light of our ascension goals, there is a value.  Like any plan that the Cabal has, its not to throw away what they’ve created (they create some amazing things!) but to take it and use it to our advantage.

For example, the new quantum banking was meant to trap us, making it very difficult to buy and sell unless we had been chipped and given a number.  The system is not the problem, it is the Cabal’s intentions for it that makes it unsavory.  And thanks to the many brave souls working to use the new financial system to free us, we won’t have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.  Again, the Dark ultimately serves the Light.

We will be discussing it all on this week’s call.  Should be profoundly uplifting.

See ya there!


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