Happy Dances and Miracles

Hi Compassion Creators,

A hot dry wind and 100 degree temperatures with high humidity have been the norm for the better part of two weeks.  Today it all changed.  Rain fell overnight and this morning we wake up to cooler weather.  How those clouds formed in a clear blue sky at sundown, with no storms within hundreds of miles, is beyond me. I won’t question it too much.

This morning I woke to gray skies and gentle rain falling over parched and sunburned land. Joy and gratitude vied for first place in my heart.  I nearly wept from it all.  Wanted to run outside in my jammies and do my happy dance in the front yard.  No doubt ‘ole Alex, my neighbor and a disabled military veteran, would have chuckled.  It’s good to have a veteran living across from you, watching over your house, especially when you drive off leaving your garage door open.  What a miracle to choose a house across the street from a 3D angel!  

So where am I going with all this?  There is a message in here, ya know.  The message is that when the signs all point to a continuance of our struggles, some of which seem to never end, they will eventually and when we least expect it.

This week, as we await the next assignment, let’s focus on what is working, what is happening now.  I firmly believe that we are all about to see that magical appearance of the events we have been so eagerly anticipating.  One fine morning we will all wake up to them, and we will our do our happy dance as those blessings rain upon us. 

Talk with you tonight.

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