The Gift in the Pain of Awakening

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I’ve been pondering the topic for tomorrow night’s call. What comes to me is how our president is choosing not to enable us.  What I mean is that what we are going through, as a country, is the pain of being awakened.  Remember when you awakened?  Was it as a result of something painful occurring in your life?  For some it wasn’t but for many, it definitely was.  Why is that?  Why is pain a part of what should be a wonderful experience?

I can’t help but wonder if this question was one we asked ourselves during the 1st Grand Experiment, and perhaps we answered it with, “It shouldn’t.”  Perhaps that is why we chose not to disclose any of what we knew about what was really going on.  Perhaps that is why we chose to handle the Cabal in that timeline by ourselves…to our own demise and that of the planet…

And then in the 2nd Grand Experiment we tried again to walk that path only to find that when we we lost control and in a knee jerk reaction disclose everything– and I mean everything–all at once it completely backfired.  The people, suddenly presented with information that shattered all that they believed in, became so terrified…and then enraged well , you can imagine the rest.  Neither the planet nor its people survived.

Now we are in the 3rd Grand Experiment and we have learned the lesson about not enabling or, another way of saying it is, not caretaking the population.  Disclose the information slowly, yes, but allow the people to feel the pain. The pain is the great awakener, and the great transformer.  It appears that is  what our president and his people are allowing to occur this time.  Is it working?  We will be discussing it all in our call tomorrow night.

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