The Future is Ours: Trust the Plan

Hi Everyone,

Been a very interesting week with events moving full steam ahead. Yet, it seems that for many, especially among those who have been awakened, it is not moving fast enough. As we have said before, we are living through a repeat of events on previous home worlds in which we didn’t achieve our much hoped for goal of integration. And if you have read Mission Remembered, you know that things ended in a way that required another opportunity to “get it right.” So, here we are and it is the third time around.

Some points I’d like to make:

  1. Timing is everything. As explained on past calls, the first time we tried planetary integration (achieving harmony in diversity), we failed because we didn’t get the population on board. Just a small resistance movement that didn’t have the resources to see things through. In other words, we were out-manned, out-gunned and out–maneuvered until we were out of time.
    On Avyon 2, we failed because though we had the population behind us, a series of unforeseen events occurred that caused us to panic. Consequently we decided to reveal everything at once (all the darkness) without first preparing the mind-controlled population to handle it. Mass confusion, panic and terror ensued and civil war broke out.
  2. It is quite possible that Avyon 1 and 2 had reached a “2012” moment where all timelines collapsed into a single future where one side clearly lost and the other won.
  3. We have been in control of our future since 22/21/2012 as the Nibiruans have been telling us for the last 20+ years, we just didn’t understand how. With that said, though we are in control, we can again mess it up if we make choices that create opportunities for the Cabal to regain control.

Please take some time before tonight to do your preparation research. I’ve added 2 videos and an article written in January 2013. Together they will help you understand what’s ahead and how we are working to ensure we get it right this time by setting templates in the mass consciousness grid.

Speak later at the compassion creator call.


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