Life after 12/21/12 – Why haven’t we seen utopia?

In last week’s message I said I would talk about the new financial system this week.  I still intend to do so but in the context of a broader picture–the state of our world post 12/21/12.

There was a lot of hype and postulation around life after 12/21/12, the day the Mayans predicted the world would end. Of course, we know that they meant the end of an age, not the end of the world.  In any case, here we are 3 weeks later. It doesn’t appear that we are living on a new version of Earth with the problems of a corrupt 3D society far behind us as some predicted. Nor are we hangin’ out with our space brothers post disclosure. And that new financial system–not here yet! So what happened?

As I understand it, what happened was that those who channeled info about this time, saw many possibilities and shared those with us. Some saw total destruction while others saw a split into other versions of Earth. Some channelors saw the full disclosure of our space brother interactions while others saw a return of a man called Christ. Of course, none of these things happened … so what gives?

Many years ago, when I asked what life would be after the great shift, I was told that it was unclear what we would see because it would depend on what we created up to that point. So, in short, all the above mentioned possibilities were accurate. What we didn’t know was which events or combination of events would actually play out and to what degree.

So what did occur? It is my belief that we are seeing the manifestation of all those above mentioned events, but in their fetal stages. We did see some destruction with all the fires, earthquakes, droughts and storms, but it was not total. What we’ve experienced is a minimized version of the predicted destruction. (We can thank ourselves for that because we did the grid work and emotional work

A new financial system is forming. The Powers that Be (Global Elite) are losing ground every day. Over 140 countries have banded together to bring about this new system and they are making progress. New money is being printed for the US (US Treasure Notes). Iraq is preparing to revalue their currency, along with many other countries including Vietnam.

Full disclosure of our interactions with our space brothers is in the works.

We are in the process of splitting into different versions of earth. As we have learned it won’t happen all at once but in degrees. As more people wake up and move up in consciousness, they energize new ways of being into physicality.

We just have to look beyond the mainstream rhetoric to find the info. There are many good sites that post about these changes, thus showing our progress. Here are links to a few that I read:

American Kabuki

Rumor Mill News

The White Hats Report

Divine Cosmos – David Wilcock’s site

There are many others but these will give you a good start.

So back to the question of why we didn’t see the full manifestation of a heaven on earth, a new reality of freedom. It is my understanding (this may not sit well with some of you) that the reason that we did not see the fruition isi is that we have not yet achieved it within ourselves. I know many will balk at this, but take a moment and remember what we have learned. We create our outer world from our inner world. If our inner worlds are truly balanced and at peace, then we will create manifest that balance as balanced systems and peaceful relationships.

So, as much as we cry about how disappointed we are that we didn’t’ see utopia on 12/22 we must remember that we were not in a utopian state on 12/21 or during the months and years leading up to it.  So we can slay all the channelors we want but the fact still remains that they can only tell us what we will see based on our potential. If we fully realize that potential then we will see it … and praise them for being accurate. If not, we will be upset.

So where does that leave us now? As I said, we are seeing these changes taking shape. Though it’s not the outcome we wanted, we need to keep in mind that it is great progress! So giving ourselves some credit for all the work we completed prior to 12/21 would be good. And though I know how hard it is right now to pick ourselves up and keep going; just knowing that things are changing will help.  For that we need to do our research to see what is actually transpiring … so we can be inspired.

As I wrote last week, scientists are reporting that we are moving through a magnetic outflow of high pro-evolutionary energy emanating from the galactic core — a superwave. This, I believe is the energy that will provide the energetic support that we need to complete these changes. Not only is this energy literally transforming us physiologically, it will create a huge and massive awakening.  So here’s something to hang your hat on.

As this energy continues to change us, we will see more people awakening. As they do they will begin to question what they’ve been taught. Thanks to all the work that we have been doing, getting information out there on the web and getting these changes in our systems started, they will join us. When enough people join a cause, the cause becomes the norm. Just look back at how the computer changed our lives, once critical mass what reached. When critical mass is reached, systems change. We have all the parts in place for the systems to change; what we need now is critical mass.

Does that make sense?

So here is what we can all do:

  1. Keep doing our emotional clearing and recoding our DNA. Give that thymus a workout (DNA Recoding). When we clear at the level that activates the thymus, that’s when the magic happens. Why? The thymus is the only gland that can produce the frequency of compassion. Compassion has been scientifically proven to alter reality. The more we clear the more balanced and peaceful we become. This superwave will help us by accelerating the process.
  2. Keep sharing articles that report on our progress in the above mentioned areas. Use social media to keep them moving out there on the web. Share the information with those who are awakening when they ask for it. Feed them tidbits at a time.

When new information or actions are taken that require dissemination, post and post and post away! Example, did you know that legal action has been taken to foreclose on the World Bank? It’s called The People’s Trust. We are actually free now. Your financial enslavement has legally ended. But, until this information reaches critical mass, our freedom will not be acted upon. American Kabuki has the info … check it out and send it on!

In closing, though we don’t yet see the world that we have worked to so long, I firmly believe that 2013 is the year of our transformation. If we can keep the faith and keep going, with the help of this superwave of energy (Christ Consciousness?) we will most definitely manifest it. By 2014 we will have a new financial system, will most likely be hangin’ with our space brothers and writing books about how we made it all happen.