We Are In the Final Stages of a Galactic Replay

Hi All,

I’d like a share a few thoughts and messages I’ve received lately from upstairs.  We’ll talk more about them this evening on our call.

First, continue to trust the plan.  We learned from our mistakes of the last two Grand Experiments.  First time we were too soon, with too little involvement from the masses. We were a resistance movement who felt we could take on our controllers on our own.  We depended on alliances that were weak at best, and too few in number to make implementing our plan a possibility.

Note: (this is being channeled as I write…did not expect this but here we go…)

We made the decision to take out the planet rather than be mind-controlled slaves with our souls kept in captivity for possibly eternity, or until we were freed in a future time.  Many souls playing on the Dark side in this 3rd Grand Experiment are of the soul lineage of many of us today. This means we are literally  working to free ourselves, and our past selves.

In the second grand experiment, we were too late in implementing our plan, and did not lay the proper groundwork for success.  Because we lacked time, we chose to expose everything, all the darkness, at once without bringing the people along.  The backlash in the form of chaos, confusion and the utter terror the knowledge of that darkness created, was so extreme that we could not regroup our supporters.  In the midst of the chaos the overlords struck, taking  out our leader, leaving us lost and hopeless.  In short order his/our support staff was hunted down and eliminated, in the most terrifying manner with public torture and executions that the people were required to watch.

Second,  the cry for compassion is growing in the midst of all the confusion and anger.  It is a natural human trait that gets triggered into action when the pain of discord becomes so great that only by stopping and working to see the other side, can it be alleviated.  Moreover, though it may not seem like it right now, once evidence of child sacrifice and torture comes to light, the depth of which many will find hard to digest, the only way to heal from the trauma it creates will be through integration.  This is the final stage of the game and we are very, very close because it is starting to come out more and more with the Epstein case being the real trigger.

We’ll talk more about it tonight. Until then, keep the faith and don’t let any naysayers distinguish the light of hope in your heart.


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