Starseed, where is your mailbox?

Had a chat with a fellow who says he is a walk in from Arcturus. James (not his real name) tells me that since his arrival back in 2001, he has had a very, very hard time with his life and mission. I listened intently as Mike poured his heart out about all the pain, frustration and disappointment he has had. All of it was quite familiar … the same story I have heard numerous times from other walk ins and starseeds.

Coming to Earth and successfully carrying out a mission is froth with challenges; many due to beliefs we carry that make things difficult. And not having a handbook to follow makes it even harder.

Once you figure out the pitfalls, life smooths out considerably and the mission gets easier. Figuring out the pitfalls is the challenge.

After having completed my mission, which included many years of working and counseling with star-seeds and walk ins, I’ve come up with a list of what I call “mission pitfalls” along with their solutions. Today I discuss the most dire pitfall: the misplaced mailbox.

The mission mailbox is the metaphorical name for where our heart is; the planet, dimension and timeline where we love to be. It is the place where all blessings, including financial support, are delivered.

Before we leave our respective home worlds to come to Earth, a mission plan was developed. Within this plan are all the assignments to be carried out, along with the financial assistance required. Each time we pray or make positive affirmations for what we want, that prayers and statements are delivered–to the mailbox. Yep, they are delivered … each and every time. This begs the questions, why we don’t see them? Where is the support? Why is the money not showing up in our bank accounts?

The reason we don’t see the support, blessings, and money is because the mailbox is not here in this dimension; it is different one. Ohhh!

So why is the mailbox located elsewhere? Because it is where your heart is. Hmmm …

I have found that the underlying belief (it’s more of a feeling than a belief) is that we don’t want to be here. Somehow Mission Control got their wires crossed and sent us to the wrong planet. Along with that feeling is the belief that Earth is a messed up place and humans are too. To anchor one’s mailbox here would be crazy. Yet, that is exactly what we are supposed to do. Why? So we can receive supplies! Does that make sense?

So how do we move our mailbox? We do so by changing our perspective about Earth and humans.

From a higher perspective, (this was included in the mission plan) Earth is a schoolhouse where lessons are learned. To be able to learn we must set up the circumstances that allow us to manifest the problem we wanted to resolve. This means we have to have a planet that allows us to create what ever we need for this purpose. With six billion souls, all in lesson, and setting up circumstances for those lessons, it can be pretty crazy. No wonder we think we’ve entered a madhouse when we get here! *chuckling*

So earth is supposed to be chaotic and crazy making; it’s in a free-will zone!

About the humans … there are times I agree that it is best we leave them them to their own devises, they can be frustrating! Unfortunately, Mission Control does not agree. They know that the human form is the vehicle of choice for Earth, and that we are all souls using that form for a reason. The Earth version of the human form is very special. The reason is that not only does it have a fully developed emotional field, it also contains the genetic codes for all galactic races. This allows every starseed or walk in to access its systems more easily. In other words it is the most suitable form for use in our universal evolutionary game.

As I explained to James, being able to change how we feel about being here and the people can greatly improve our circumstances. Not only will moving our mailbox improve our finances, valuing the people we came to serve will improve our relationships as well. Better relationships means better feelings. Better feelings helps us open our hearts more to loving being here. Loving being here creates a clear path to our mailbox … where all the blessings and financial support await.

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