Starseed, where is your mailbox? Part 3: The role of family

Continuing our series on the “Mission Mailbox”, thought I’d focus on the role of family; especially important since we are in the midst of another holiday season.

After nearly 20 years counseling starseeds and walk ins, I have found that most have issues with their birth family. Statements such as, “I don’t relate to my family” or, “I must have been sent to the wrong family ’cause they don’t understand me”, are common. I confess, I felt that way for many years. As I wrote in *Mission Remembered*, though I grew up in a large family of 6 kids, I felt as though I was on the outside looking in. And like so many of you, the feelings of loneliness and isolation carried through in other areas life including school. Though I floated among several groups and cliques, I didn’t feel a part of any. Yes, feeling as though Mission Control made a huge mistake in picking my family and environment was just another reason for wanting to get the heck out of here.

As I wrote in earlier segments, it took many years for me to recognize how a mission works. It wasn’t until late 2006, when I was done with the clean up details of my original mission, that I fully understand that it was circular journey that precluded going off-world once I was done. Had I known beforehand that staying on Earth–and learning to love it–was my fate, I would probably have quit.

When a starseed/walk in awakens, that person is exposed to new levels of awareness. These levels include new beliefs that, in many cases, fly in the face of those he/she had known. Excited and passionate about all they are discovering, the starseed/walk in tries to enlighten his/her family. If family reacts negatively the starseed/walk in will leave them behind, all the while justifying this decision on the fact that his/her family is stuck in old beliefs and just doesn’t understand. The reality is that it is the starseed/walk in who doesn’t understand…

Family Mirrors

What we fail to understand is the role our respective family unit plays in our mission. From the higher perspective each member of our family was carefully chosen (Mission Control did not make a mistake.) Out of literally thousands of souls, we chose a handful. Those we choose, and who accept are then given carefully scripted roles to play. These roles involve acting out the beliefs and behaviors that mimic those from our home world. In particular are the ones that became so unbalanced they caused major problems. Only by going to a planet with a free-will zone did we have a prayer in changing them.

Once in the free will zone, we would have the opportunity to freely recreate the behaviors so that we could work on them. That is what our mission is about. Does that make sense?

Once we have successfully found resolution to the beliefs and behaviors that led to the problems on our home world, our mission is complete–at least in that respect. Now we begin the next phase (Yes, is there is next phase.) The next phase is to use the wisdom we have gained to reconnect and begin healing the family unit that those same dysfunctional beliefs and behaviors had damaged. We can do this because we have healed them in ourselves. Our families deserve this healing. After all, they, as souls, agreed to play those roles and have suffered as a result. One of the most painful things they have suffered is our rejection and abandonment.

In closing, recognizing the role of my family in my mission has given me a whole new perspective; one of loving gratitude. They each agreed to play their carefully scripted roles in order to give me the best possible chance of success. The price they paid has been high. To me, the best way I can say thank you is to stay on Earth, return to them, fully engaged and heart connected.

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