Starseed, where is your mailbox? Part 2: How to move it!

Thanks for all who responded to last week’s message about starseeds and the mission mailbox. Seems there are a lot of us who struggle. Due to the overwhelming response, that contained requests for more information, I’ve decided to turn last week’s message into a series.

One of the most frequently asked questions was, how do we move our mailbox so that we can obtain the prosperity and support that we need for our respective missions? The answer is to find something or someone that you are passionate about. Passion is an emotion of the heart. It gives the heart a focal point for anchoring. The best way to explain anchoring is through an example so I will share my story of anchoring.

First of all, anchoring my heart on Earth was not easy; I struggled with it for years after my awakening. Though I was told at the beginning of my mission that anchoring my heart would help bring forth the support for my mission, I was not able to do it sufficiently to make my mission easier. In fact, it was not until after my original mission was ending that I was able to find something that was a strong enough passion to create a strong, lasting anchor.

My anchoring occurred when I purchased my first home on my own back in 2007. As I wrote in Mission Remembered, Book Two, with our joint mission complete, Jonathan (my husband at the time) and I decided to go our separate ways. I had been wanting to buy a house for a while, and had begun looking online several months earlier. My plan was to stay in the rental house for at least 6 more months so that I could take my time finding what I wanted. Our landlord had different plans. The day after Jonathan moved out, I received a 30-day notice to move. Fortunately, I already had a home in mind … it had come on the market a week earlier. A diamond in the rough it would need a lot of work, but I was up for the task. The thought of taking something and putting my stamp on it was irresistible.

During the 2 month remodel, I felt my heart really open as I reveled in the joy of creating “home.” From choosing paint colors to developing a landscape design for the back yard, every creative cell in my body was singing. From that point on, I felt anchored on Earth.

Once anchored, I felt my heart then open to other things. I got involved in a business networking group which opened doors for new friendships. Yes, I was moving back into 3D and instead of focusing on the negative aspects of the business world, I was focused on the positive. Consequently, people opened up to me.

It seems rather odd that the relationship with another person would not be the source of anchoring. When I look back I realize why; the relationships each had pain involved. The most important relationships in my life all have pain, some more than others. Anchoring for a starseed or walk in occurs when the heart is able to fully open to a person or situation because there is no pain…at least not yet. My new home had no pain associated with, nothing to block my heart of fully enjoying it.

Once I had moved my mission mailbox and anchored my heart here, more reasons to love Earth began to come my way … and my mission was supported till the end. Sometimes it was just enough to get by, but that was my own doing. (I was the one creating the blocks due to negative feelings and fear.) Overall I felt more supported than I did before.

In closing, I hope this explanation helps those of you struggling to move your mailbox. If you don’t have anything or anyone to be passionate about, don’t despair. Your mission plan already has that person or thing written into it. When the time is right he/she/it will show up.

There is one thing that you can do to help you while you wait. Look for situations and things that make you happy. The more you can enjoy the goods things of Earth, the more positive energy you are putting out. That positive energy is good for your Inner Child and helps to keep your heart ready for that special someone or something that will will you glad you came here.

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