Signs that We are Successfully Ascending

Today as I sit to write this message, I feel hope for humanity in a way that I have not felt for some time. The reason is due to seeing two very positive signs we are changing, changing from war-like tendencies to peace and compassion. Why is this so exciting? It’s exciting because it means we are successfully ascending this time. Now some of you may ask, “What do you mean by the words, this time? What I mean is that this is the 3rd time that humans have attempted to ascend their home world. The previous attempts failed (see The 3 Earth Grand Experiments).

The main issues that caused our previous attempts to fail were racism, religious conflict and financial enslavement. And we are experiencing all three again, are we not?

Yet this time it appears that we are making different choices when presented with those challenges that once caused us to destroy our worlds. In this time of great chaos, one only has to step back to see them in action in the bigger picture. Here is what I’m seeing.

Compassionate, non-violent response to Black Lives Matter/Police Shootings

Though I don’t watch the nightly news anymore, I do stay informed about what is going on. When I saw black people hugging white people, and the outpouring of citizens towards our brothers in blue, I realized that we had turned the corner. You see, these events were supposed to go a different way … that’s why they were instigated. They were meant to separate and divide us so that we do not unite. But they didn’t. I even saw a video of a white Southern policeman saying that we all need to come together regardless of race, creed or religion. Now that’s something!

Compassionate, non-violent response to PTB (Powers that Be)

With the transition from fiat dollars and the soon to occur demise of the Petro dollar, the PTB are losing their funding and thus, their economic hold over humanity. A new monetary system (AIIB and CIPs) is up and running, soon to run alone as the old system falls away. And even though the PTB planned this change, the plan went has not gone as they intended. Instead of having a new system, complete with another world war to fund them, and access to all the gold they had stolen from humanity, (there’s a lengthy back story on the gold), the system and the gold is not under their control.

And the war they have envisioned and worked hard to bring about? Have you seen it? Hmmm … seems that has been prevented, and not once but many times. In fact, this has all been done so quietly that unless you are following it, you would not know these things have occurred. That in and of itself is the opposite of the way we handled these issues before.

In closing, as a species, it appears were are finally entering adult hood. The chaos and craziness are part of our tests, that we must pass in order to fulfill our divine destiny of universal peacekeepers. From galactic perspective, they are the same tests we previously failed. Be we are passing them this time. Regardless of what cards the PTB play in an attempt to divide and conquer, we are not being duped (thanks to the Internet). When presented with opportunities to fight and divide, we are choosing compassion instead. Yes, even in the midst of all the insanity we see on the world seen today, there is great hope for humanity.

Until next time, be well and wonderful!

Jelaila Starr


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  • May 6, 2017 at 5:13 pm

    Enlightening and thankful. What a wonderful day to have found this website.Kathy

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