When the Passion Fades

Remember when you first learned your mission? How excited you were? Each day was another chance to discover yet another piece … and each new piece left ya feeling the wonder of it all. Ahh, yes, I remember that passion. it was as powerful at that of falling in love. I guess you could say I was in love, in love with my mission. And nothing was going to stop me from fulfilling it. Yes, those were heady days! *sigh*

But what happens when the passion fades, worn thin by the sacrifices, and the stresses of years walking blindly though painful events, only figuring out in hindsight why? Our guides have spent years training us, guiding us through the sometimes rigorous assignments.

My heart goes out to each and every one that struggles with this issue. And I must confess that I’ve struggled with it more than once over the last 20 years of this work. In fact there were times that I was so ready to throw in the towel and walk away. But, I’ve learned that when the passion fades, (sometimes rather suddenly), there is a reason. And there is a way to get it back. Using personal experiences, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned. My hope is that if you find yourself feeling passionless, something in this message helps rekindle your flame.

A Matter of Perception

How we view the obstacles inherent in our assignments can certainly cause us to lose our passion, especially when those obstacles are really painful. In these cases our guides are leading us to the solution, but they don’t usually intervene to shorten the process or ease the discomfort. Their goal is to help us see what belief is creating the obstacle in order to clear it, and they know that the pain keeps us moving forward in search of the answer (pain is a catalyst for change).

Once we see what needs to change within us, our perspective changes. Once the perspective changes, the obstacle quickly dissolves and our passion returns. So many times I’ve been literally dumb struck at how quickly and easily that occurs.

It’s a Phase Shift

As explained in last week’s message, shifting from one mission phase to the next usually takes time. That period in between can last weeks to months. It all depends on what, and how much preparation is required.

When a phase ends, the excitement and passion that we feel for the phase ending will naturally wane. This waning is actually a sign that we are ending a phase rather than just an assignment. The time between the first and second phases of my mission was about two months. During that time I felt my passion almost completely die. And even though I completed a second book, Mission Remembered, received great rewards (my daughter returned and I was able to buy a house), I was keenly aware that my passion for the overall mission was pretty much gone. Though I tried not to focus on it, I was concerned. I was concerned because I knew that passion being positive energy that draws in the support we need to carry out our assignments was critical if I were going to continue.

It took a several months for it to fully return, but it finally did. In late November of 2007, I discovered that advances in using video now allowed me to use it to reach a global audience. This was an answer to my request to not have to continue traveling around the country doing conferences and workshops. Though I loved meeting the people, the travel itself was hard for me. I believe that dreading knowing that I would have to continue doing that was part of the reason I was no longer so excited.

Unbeknownst to me, the video messages were part of the next phase of the mission. I recall how excited (and relieved) I was when I discovered them. Knowing that I could stay home, and spend more time with my daughter (we now only lived 8 minutes apart) and still accomplish my assignments was all it took. And though it would be another year or so before I was completely able to stop traveling, the passion remained strong and steady.

My point here is that passion fades between phases because it signals the ending of one. But the passion may not return right away. It may take a while for the events to unfold to cause it to return. Don’t freak out, it will come back; it just may take awhile.

In closing, missions are full of ups and downs … and passion fades from time to time. But if we remember that this ebbing and flowing is all part of the process, and having a bit of downtime is physically good, we will be able to carry on till the end.

Until next time, be well and wonderful!

Jelaila Starr


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