Shifting Realities: An Ascension Challenge

I was sitting with an “aware” friend discussing our week recently and we both shared situations where we could not seem to get something done, something that should have been quite easy. The situations involved making changes to our accounts with companies for which we had long been customers. When we asked what could cause such problems the answer was quick to come. Essentially, it is a consequence of ascension. In other words, when we ascend we eventually begin living in two realities (3D for our carbon based body and 4, 5, or 9D with our consciousness). When we tune more into our higher level we somewhat tune out of 3D. At those times, we just don’t seem to show up on others’ radars.

What we both realized was that this will continue to occur and with more frequency the higher we go. We must handle it with more patience and we can do that when we realize that though we were not given any handbook to help us understand the consequences and challenges of ascension, nevertheless we are responsible for our choice to ascend. Reminding myself of this enables me to reclaim my power from the situation and remove any feelings of victimhood. At that point, I can be more patient.