BP Oil Spill/Sirius B Connection and What We can do!

It’s July 5th, the temperature reads 91 degrees as speed towards St. Louis on our way home from a family reunion. How wonderful to see 3 generations of family together under one roof. My daughter is driving — a responsible 22 year-old who just happens to be a very good driver — so I can write.  What a blessing!

Just ahead is a car weaving on the road as the driver searches his back seat for God knows what. As Danielle slows down and moves to avoid him, I mentally place our car in a bubble of white light for protection. I’m so grateful that I am aware of this simple yet highly effective technique.

One of the main topics of discussion this weekend centered around the state of the economy and the long term ramifications of the oil spewing in the Gulf. My brothers are worried for themselves and their families; Tyler, Texas and Birmingham, Alabama are not that far away from the toxic fumes and poisonous rain that will come in from the Gulf. I wonder what the future will bring for my beloved family, especially the little ones. Is this is the last time we will be able to get together with our families still healthy?

Last night I lay in bed, my daughter sleeping peacefully beside me, wondering what can be done to alter this situation. I understood that we are now replay the final days of Sirius B in an effort to make a different choice, thus altering the future and healing that past. A little background info.

There was a most riveting teleconference call on July 1st hosted by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot and Rebecca Jernigan of Journeys with Rebecca. I was fortunate to be invited as a guest speaker along with Delores Cannon, Stewart Swerdlow, Dr. John Waterman and others.

August 2016 update – teleconference link no longer available.