The Gulf Call to Sacred Action

Received an email that really made my heart sing yesterday. It was about a group of spiritual teachers joining forces to help create a positive solution to the crises in the Gulf. It’s called The Gulf Call to Sacred Action.

Though I’ve received numerous emails about group meditations for this crises, this one caught my attention because it had all the hallmarks of an event that could very well create a major shift.

One of the higher dimensional beliefs is that the Dark ultimately serves the Light. What this means is that the Dark provides the catalyst for a change that brings enlightenment i.e. an upward shift in consciousness. I feel that the oil spill in the Gulf certainly fits that criteria. This event is a 3-part series of 3 teleconferences with three 3 spiritual leaders as guests for each call. The intention is to bring together a mass of people to create a group intention.

Another higher dimensional principle is that it only takes 144,000 people having the same thought at the same time to create a new dimension or state of consciousness. That happened 1987 at Harmonic Convergence and brought about the 4D grid or Christ Consciousness Grid. It happened again in 1996 and brought about the 5D grid or Ascension Grid, and again on 9/ll which brought about the 9D grid or Compassion Grid.

I see that this event, due to the popularity of the speakers could easily draw 144,000 for a group intention and that’s why it has caught my attention. Not only could it help bring forth the new technologies, it could possibly bring about the creation of the new reality founded on the 9D Compassion Grid. As I explain in the 2012, Nibiru, DNA and You! Intensives, those in a 9D consciousness will experience the greatest degree of safety in the years to come, as well as, have the new technologies made available to them. Of course, we won’t know unless we try. So, I hope that you will join me to participate in this event.

The Gulf Call to Sacred Action