New Twist on BP Oil Spill

As many who follow my work are aware, I receive most of my messages from the Nibiruans in the early morning hours from 4am to 6am. I recently wrote that they said the BP Oil Spill is connected to an ancient timeline event that is now playing out … hopefully to a better conclusion. That event known as the Sirius B catastrophe. As I wrote in, The Mission Remembered, this disaster was brought about by racial hatred with the consequence being the deaths of literally billions of people and the destruction of 3 worlds … inhabited by humans and hybrid reptilians. The destruction also impacted worlds in Sirius C there were inhabited by the Nommos and other cetaceans. Interesting how the cetaceans, whales, dolphins, etc., are once again being impacted by this repeat of an ancient past event.

As I also wrote, the timelines of 4 destroyed worlds are woven into Earth’s timeline. The reason is so the souls involved can continue their evolution. But, that evolution requires that they learn the lessons that led to their previous demise.

Many people living along the Gulf coast, up and down the Mississippi and along the Great Lakes are from this ancient timeline. They are there now to recreate their past and hopefully change it. The “powers that be” involved in orchestrating this disaster in the Gulf are also from that timeline. It appears the goal is once again, population control, or rather depopulation. This occurred on Sirius B with the Purists (pure humans) working to eliminate all but a small portion of the Hybrids (mixed race). You could say that Nazi Germany during WWII was a repeat of this timeline as was most other previous genocides occurring in our past.

This would explain why the extremely toxic dispersant is being liberally pumped into the Gulf. It will cause sickness for the population, and many will succumb.

Corexit, Dispersant is Destroying Marine Life

With all that said, if we are indeed recreating the Sirius B timeline, it would behoove us to do our part to alter the outcome. That is what template work is for. It’s a concentrated and highly focused effort that can have a major impact on the timeline, as we have experienced from the previous template work.

I’ll be working on the Sirius B timeline duirng the 2012, Nibiru, DNA and You Intensive in Lake Geneva, WI this weekend. I hope you’ll join me. We may again have an impact and then maybe not.  Regardless, I’m not willing to live the remainder of my life wondering if I could have made a difference had I tried. After, I was shown the past and was told it was the future like many of you, I know too much to sit on my butt doing nothing. We have a few seats left but don’t worry, we’ll find a place for you to sit.