Solutions for Ascension Symptoms Update – 2010

In the 8 years since writing the article, Solutions for Ascension Symptoms, I’ve received hundreds of e-mails and letters. A typical response was, “Thank you so much! Your article makes sense of what I’m feeling.”

It was very gratifying to know that the article brought relief even if it was only understanding. Though the symptoms list I provided was pretty thorough, none of us could foresee that we’d be experiencing even more effects thus requiring an update. Yet, here we are. The following is my attempt to define and explain the newer symptoms while providing solutions if possible.

Since I explained the process of ascension in the previous ascension articles, I won’t address it here. You’ll find that explanation in the article, What is Ascension?

As for the previous ascension symptoms list, here’s a condensed list:

  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to focus
  • Non-refreshing sleep
  • Headaches
  • Achy muscles and joints
  • Weight gain
  • Ringing in ears

Many, including myself discovered they had developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) that included Fibromyalgia (FM); a more severe level of ascension symptoms. At this level we experienced chronic physical exhaustion, prolonged headaches, foggy headedness, impaired mental acuity, memory loss, and word searching along with muscle/joint pain that was more like having one’s nerve endings on fire. I used to call the days when the fibromyalgia specific symptoms flared up “truck” days because on those days it felt like I had been run over by a truck. (It’s my theory that those of us who developed CFS/FM did so because we are either chronic enablers and/or workaholics, walk-ins or some combination. We drive our bodies into the ground in order to rescue someone, achieve goals and/or save the world.)

Though many of the more severe symptoms went away—thanks to emotional clearing and learning to take care of my body—the normal ascension symptoms remained but to a much lesser degree. Now, though, as stated previously, a new set of symptoms have manifested.

They include:

  • Mind scramble
  • Inability to stay grounded
  • Thinking you already did something only to discover that you didn’t
  • Unexplained periods of hopelessness
  • Unexplained bouts of listlessness; staring blankly into space
  • Erratic eating patterns
  • Clumsiness; severe and chronic case of the dropsy’s
  • Feeling wired – as though nerves are in hyper drive

Though some of the symptoms have been around for some time, like the problem with grounding, one or two have escalated and so I put them in the new list in order to highlight them. Additionally, keep in mind that you may not experience all of these symptoms, or experience in the same manner or to the same degree as defined here. I’ve divided the list into three categories, mental, emotional, and physical. Let’s look at each one and any possible solution.


The mind scrambled feeling occurs when after a night of fitful sleep I wake up feeling as though my brains have been put through a blender. I can’t seem to focus, concentrate and feel well — blurry. It’s not the same as foggy-headedness which is like viewing the world through frosted glass. My mind is clear but I see the world through coke-bottle glass. Taking “Natural Calm” and a nap will usually bring me out of it.

Staying grounded is critical during times of ongoing change yet many of us are really struggling with it. When we are ungrounded we pay the price in many ways. We may forget things like important appointments, or our children at the babysitter … done that! We may bump and bruise ourselves and run into things with our bodies … and our cars! We find ourselves unable to follow through and complete even the simplest tasks. Yep, being ungrounded can be mighty costly. What’s the solution? The best thing I’ve found is to slow down! I mean make yourself go at a slower pace. This means walking slower, talking slower, taking time to enunciate words, and eating slower. Taking time to breathe a few long slow breaths also helps. When I find myself getting anxious and in hyperdrive (I’ll talk about that shortly) I stop myself and consciously slow my pace, taking a moment or two for some deep breathing.

I also sit down and write a list of things I need to do. This helps with the mind scramble because it takes the thoughts swirling around in my head and puts them on paper. It can be likened to emptying my head and I feel instant relief when I do. I then break the list down into the details for each task and prioritize the list after that. Having it all laid out and organized brings a sense of calm not to emotional feeling that I can handle doing the tasks … that’s a big one … feeling like you can do them!

Next, I give myself permission not to finish them all in the same day. As a recovering perfectionist and workaholic this is crucial if I want avoid feeling overwhelmed…which then leads to a sense of hopelessness. I remind myself that these are challenging times and taking more time to complete tasks will ensure I don’t have to redo them. Of course, the traditional solutions such as going outside and standing barefoot on the ground, massages, Essential oils, NHRT, salt baths, wearing malachite, and eating “comfort” foods such as meat and potatoes are still helpful, they just don’t seem to resolve these new symptoms.

One new solution, release your stuff, really is an old one for manifesting abundance seems to help with the grounding. I find that when I get overwhelmed because I am ungrounded, I go through my closets and get rid of things. Letting go of personal property releases the energy that I expended to hold on to them. That energy is now available and I can use it to keep myself grounded and focused. So, if you feel the need to repeatedly purge belongings, know that it may be for this reason.


Another disturbing and potentially dangerous ascension symptom is thinking you already did something only to find out you didn’t. Yes, we have been doing this for years, but like the ungroundedness, it seems to have escalated to a higher level. Back then, I’d leave the house without thinking to lock the doors, or even worse, get out of my car and walk away with it still running; my brain just wasn’t functioning on all levels due to the CFS. Nowadays, it’s a bit different. Though my brain is sharp having healed from the CFS, I find myself not doing things that I am certain I had, like leaving the house unlocked when I was certain I had locked it. It makes me crazy sometimes!

My theory is that we are living on two separate timelines or another way to say it is that we are ahead of ourselves sometimes. I recall Greg Braden in his book, Walking Between the Worlds, the Science of Compassion, saying that there would come a time that we would literally live in two worlds at once. I think we are there! So, perhaps what I and you are experiencing is that the part of us existing in the higher dimensional timeline, which moves faster than our normal 3D timeline, we already locked the doors, but that is not the case for the 3D part of us, which happens to include our body and our house. Hope that makes sense.

So what’s the solution? If in doubt, double check. That little nagging feeling of doubt is my Inner Child trying to warn me. As I understand it, the Inner Child is the body’s 3rd dimensional navigational system, constantly scanning and warning us of potential danger. Seems my Inner Child is working overtime these days. How about you?

Unexplained bouts of hopelessness seem to be particularly debilitating for many folks with some feeling as though we want to cry but don’t know why. It’s as though we are locked in a field of energy that grips us in the gut, causing wave after wave of despair. My personal theory is that this is due to the near constant changes we are facing now and that includes weather related ones. Of course, the constant hyping of these events on TV doesn’t seem to help. We are literally inundated with bad news 24 hours a day now.

The “field effect” may be HAARP related. It’s well documented how the ELF waves emitted by from a HAARP facility can be used to control us at the biochemical level of our brains. Could it be that we are being bombarded with ELF waves that are calibrated to cause hopelessness and despair while media hyping of negative events further increases the effect?

Being a normally optimistic person, I have trained myself to be on alert for this symptom and take appropriate measures to dissolve the field. I remind myself that HAARP along with everything else that appears negative has a purpose in a planetary ascension. I sit down and write a list of all the things I’m grateful for. I also call someone that I trust and share my feelings. Just verbalizing them seems to take the energy out of the hopelessness. Laughing is also very effective. When I talk to my friend, we share the silly things we have done as a result of our ascension symptoms and laugh at ourselves. When I hang up the phone, I feel much better.

The final emotional symptom is the mind numbing listlessness. I wake up some days and my mind feels frozen and numb. I find that on those occasions though I can think, I can’t complete a thought, much less verbalize it. It’s sort of like being catatonic. It’s not uncommon on those days to find me standing in the kitchen just staring into space. In addition to being unable to complete thoughts, I have no energy. Unfortunately I know of no solution but to let it be. In my experience, this symptom usually lasts no more than a day.


If you are watching your weight this next symptom can play havoc on any dietary regimen. I’ve found myself having intense hunger one day, and then virtually no hunger the next. The other thing is craving a particular food for weeks at a time and then not wanting it afterward. No, I’m not pregnant! I know of no solution to this one but to realize that my body needs a particular nutrient and, again, just let it be.

The next symptom is one that has plagued me most of my life; clumsiness, but, it seems to be on the rise now. I reach for something and think I have grasped it firmly only to have it drop because my fingers had not yet fully grasped onto it. I dropped an entire carton of eggs in the grocery store a couple of weeks ago as a result of thinking I had a firm hold on it when I didn’t. Once again I feel it is due to living in two worlds. My mind is functioning on 2 levels and my poor body just doesn’t know how to cope. The more I slow down, stay grounded, and focus, the less I find this to be a problem.

Feeling wired, as though my nerves are in hyper drive is the final symptom. It’s as though my nerves are singing with energy … much like it felt that one time I tried Speed. Though I prefer it over the listlessness, it is too much energy to feel comfortable … makes it hard to concentrate. I just walk around unable to settle and accomplish anything. I can’t focus either and I find myself a bit agitated due to a song playing repeatedly in my head. I’ve learned to just let it be and be grateful that it only seems to last one day thank goodness!

With all the challenges of ascending, it can make the process seem just too difficult to complete. I’ve felt that way from time to time. What keeps me going is knowing that life beyond the symptoms, the pain, and confusion is only going to be better. Why? We’ve dumped the emotional baggage these symptoms were pointing out to us. Without that baggage, we will be fully capable of manifesting the kind of world of harmony where we can have oneness without giving up our individuality. So keep those e-mails and letters coming and I’ll keep writing, walking the path right beside you. Together we will complete this journey.