Release into Compassion – Replay

Here is the replay link for last night’s call:

Thank you to all who participated. We had exactly 90 people when we locked the room at 7:09pm. As explained in We are the Nibiruans, Book One, the 9D Nibiruans said that 90 is the number of original Game players who came to this universe to begin the soul evolutionary game of polarity integration. Isn’t it interesting that in creating the template to end the game, we did so with the same?

For years you have heard me talk about this big global financial reset and how it is the foundation for the reality we want to see. To say there have been delays is an understatement. Yet, from the higher perspective, it is all in divine timing. Now we find ourselves near the end; soon to see that new financial system manifest, and with it, all the long-awaited financial blessings, as well as, a host of others. So the timeline, the offshoot off the Cabal’s 3D timeline is evolving rather quickly now.

The Next Step

What is left to be done? It is my understanding that the next important step is to release the Cabal from their dark side roles. This means moving beyond forgiveness to releasing them from blame.

From a 3D perspective that seems a daunting task. How do you release someone from blame when they have created so much suffering and done so much evil? Well, from a 3D perspective, you could not. But I am not writing this message to people who live only with a 3D belief system; rather I am writing to people who have awakened and aware that we have a divine destiny. Moreover, they are aware that in order to fulfill that destiny as universal peacekeepers, we must resolve our conflicts not with war, but with compassion. They remember that we are playing a universal game of polarity integration and that we are all souls playing roles in this game to help each other evolve. From that perspective there is no right or wrong, sin or need for forgiveness.

It is my understanding that we as humans have a divine destiny; to become the peacekeepers of our universe. How do we do that? We do it by freeing ourselves from slavery and then turning around and releasing our captors from blame. Now that may sound crazy; why release someone who has caused us so much pain and suffering? We can only do this when we stop thinking like a 3D human, and step up into our creator God status. At that level we remember that we are in a universal game of soul evolution. We remember that we are all souls playing roles to help each other grow. To do this some of us agreed to play the dark roles. In those roles we agree to set up the lessons and create the prisons for our fellow players. I think we can all agree that the Cabal have done that quite well.

We are being called today to create another template. Why? We are at the point on the new timeline where 3D solutions will not work. The remaining obstacles or blocks require a higher method of resolution: compassion. This means going beyond forgiveness to releasing the Cabal from blame for playing their roles (which we asked them to do) and thanking them with gratitude. If this seems difficult just remember that they agreed to play those roles, in some cases, lifetime after lifetime, so that we didn’t have to. Furthermore, those souls had to suffer, just like us, to become the people who can perpetrate such evil. And they had to continue doing so for as many lifetimes as it took to create this mass awakening. On a soul level, many long to return to the light but they cannot because they are trapped.

To this end, I have set up a free conference call to give everyone who wishes to participate the opportunity to do so. Fellow teacher and good friend, Nancy Joy Hefron of ( will be co-hosting. Nancy is also doing her weekly message on this subject and offers additional information that is quite helpful. You can view it at:

It is our goal that our joined hearts and focused compassion will open the door to the Cabal’s release.

In closing, just as Nelson Mandela forgave his captors upon his release from 27 years in prison, so must we. And just as that one act of love became a shining example to millions around the world, our actions will do the same. People may not know our names but they will feel the effects of our work. And we will rest knowing that we did our part to bring about peace.

Until next week …

Jelaila Starr