Release into Compassion – the Outcome

As explained in prior weekly messages, the global financial reset is the foundation for the new reality we want to see because it financially supports the development of all the new systems. But we had come to an impasse with the PTB; they wouldn’t stop fighting this reset and we could not seem to make them. In fact, many who are working diligently behind the scenes to make this shift alluded to the fact that rooting out the Cabal seemed an endless task. So how to break the stalemate? Enter the 9D Nibiruans.

The 9D Nibiruans, are the time healers whose job it is not only to heal events and maintain the timelines for soul evolution, they were also among the original 90 souls that came to this universe to begin the game for soul evolution. And they have been following the Game ever since, moving it along to its final conclusion. (See We are the Nibiruans, Book One).

Having completed their work of assisting us in creating templates to help change the timeline they have stepped back and thus, had been less involved in the last few years. In fact, the only times they have made contact is when an existing template needs to be adjusted or a new one created. In mid February they suggested that it was time to use the Formula of Compassion to release the Cabal from their role.

As the message was coming through I saw a vision of them looking at the timelines and seeing that now was the time to do that. If successful a template would be created in the mass consciousness grid that all souls could access and use to release anyone, including the Cabal, from playing a dark role in their respective lives. We chose the date of February 29th, (a day out of time) to do a conference call. We invited all who felt guided to participate.

Fast forward to February 29th

We had exactly 90 people (the number of original game players) when we locked the room at 7:09pm. Isn’t it interesting that in creating the template to end the game, we did so with the same?


It usually takes about 48 hours to see a change when we use the Formula of Compassion. It was about that or perhaps a little less when I discovered that we had indeed helped change the game.

I was listening to an intel call and one of the intel providers mentioned that it appeared that the PTB (Powers that Be or Cabal) had decided to stop fighting and help move this thing (Global Financial Reset) forward.

It appears our work was successful. Not only that, it is my understanding that the currency redemption has begun. Again, my thanks to the 90 who participated, and to all who have added their compassion to the template via the recording. Good work everyone!

Release into Compassion Call

Replay link:

Until next week …

Jelaila Starr