Mission Update – January 21, 2018

Greetings Compassion Creators!

As we progress through the beginning of a new year, I want to take this opportunity for a look back at what has been accomplished and what is next.

9D Templates

As you may recall, this mission (code name: Restoration) began in mid June, 2017.  Since that time we have worked on several 9D templates for the mass consciousness grid. The purpose of these templates was to positively influence humanity in ways that support planetary ascension and the successful achievement of our divine destiny. These goals are made when a small group achieve compassion regarding an otherwise negative situation.  Compassion in this higher dimensional process is the transmutation of anger, shame, guilt etc, into compassion.  So, the greater the pain, the greater the compassion, and thus the power of the template.  Hope that makes sense.

TDA Accounts Template

Our first template was around the TDA Accounts.  We were brought together with people who were leading the way on awakening humanity to the truth of our financial system.  During the time we worked on this template (we will usually work on a template over a couple of weeks) additional much needed information about our galactic history was imparted.

Formula of Compassion Template

Though I’m including this as a template it was more of a how-to than a template to alter an event.  It’s my understanding that this template was needed so that everyone could more easily learn how to use the Formula of Compassion (Formula) as it would be needed for all future template work.  Also, during this time our family of Compassion Creators was being formed so having a template that they could access just made sense.

After working on the template for the Formula we moved on to how to make it work in regards to the roles that all of us are playing in this grand game of soul evolution.  To this end we focused on scripts, as in scripts for roles that we play in service to another soul’s evolutionary process.  Understanding that we are all playing roles, why we play them and how we benefit makes it much easier to release another person or persons from blame and achieve compassion.

Summer of Blood

During the time we were working on learning to use the higher dimensional tools known as the Keys of Compassion (of which the Formula is one) we were simultaneously moving through the last days of a series of timeline events that culminated in the destruction of a human home-world once located in the Pleiades.  I have come to call it Avyon Two.  It was the 2nd Grand Experiment of Polarity Integration.

In that timeline, we experienced a summer in which blood literally ran in the streets due to a civil war.  Also during that time, 3 critical world leaders were killed or usurped by those who sought turn the planet into a slave colony.  And the issues of gun control, pedophilia and A.I. citizenship, among others, helped fuel the fires.  But what really created the final blow was a full disclosure that shocked the populace so much that civil war ensued.  More on that later.

Las Vegas Shooting Template

At the end of the Summer of Blood we lived through a false flag event that would be the replay of events the Avyon Two timeline that led to the people of that world giving up their right to defend themselves.  That event was the Las Vegas Shootings.  Though there are many perspectives as to what really happened and who really died still floating about, from the perspective of healing past timelines, this one was critical.  In the previous timeline, events such as this were repeatedly done to terrorize the people into giving up their guns.  Once disarmed they were easy to control and manipulate.  But, this time it did not work. The right to bare arms was upheld even if the face of extreme pressure.

After successfully completing (and healing) the previous timeline events noted above, we entered a period of what I call, “time out of time.”  It is during these periods that though it may appear nothing is happening, behind the scenes there is much going on.  In essence, what is occurring is series of changes designed to set up the next set of events.  We were told to take a week off from doing calls and to use that time to recharge.  It had been a challenging few months so the respite was very much welcome.

The 4th Wave

Coming out of the “time out of time” I was given information on what events would transpire next.  I was also told that we had moved onto a new and higher offshoot of our original timeline.  As a result of this move, we now had a gift to look forward to.  That gift would be a mass awakening of a 4th wave of humanity.  That meant that many of our family and friends that we felt we would have to leave behind, now would have the opportunity to awaken and come with us.  But their awakening would occur in a different manner, meaning that unlike many of us who had years to gradually awaken, this new wave would be shocked awake.  A series of revelations would occur with each as shocking as the next.  Our job was to prepare templates for the Grid that would help humanity quickly assimilate the information.  This would help prevent the massive backlash that occurred on Avyon Two and ultimately led to its destruction.

The Pedophilia Template

Per the information I received, the first shock would be the revealing of rampant pedophilia and child sacrifice.  The goal of this template would be to both help the victims regain their power and heal, as well as, release the perpetrators through compassion since they are souls that agreed to play the dark roles.  When viewed from the higher perspective a physical child represents the inner child.  What we needed to learn from the pedophilia is that it is a mirror of how we treat  our inner child in particular. In other words, massive and rampant abuse of children is the mirror of a populace that has forsaken their respective inner child. We are parents that have unwittingly prostituted ourselves, and thus our respective inner children for the acceptance and approval of a dysfunctional society.  I could go on but I think you get the picture.  So to have compassion for the souls play the roles of the perpetrators is to have compassion for ourselves and the perpetrators of our inner child.

The E.T. Disclosure Template

As explained to me at time I received the info on the 4th wave, these revelations would sometimes overlap.  Shortly after the pedophilia revelations, those regarding E.T. disclosure also began moving more into the mainstream.  So one could say they were overlapping, and of this writing are both gaining steam.

Our goal in creating this template was to again, buffer the intensity of the shock that would definitely occur when the public learned that we are not alone in the universe, and that our governments has been interacting with ETs for many years.

The A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Template

The third major shock would be the issue of A.I. or artificial intelligence and its role in our society.  About the time this template was created, we had learned that a robot named Sophia had reached singularity and given citizenship by Saudi Arabia.  This was key because it opened the door to one of the major conflicts that had plagued not only Avyon Two but also the other 3 human home worlds that were destroyed.  It is common for a species to create a mechanical version of itself, it happens throughout creation, but the challenge is how to do so in a way that both species, continue evolving in a way that supports and enhances each other.  This was the challenge that our galactic ancestors just didn’t have enough experience to master.  Our A.I. template would provide a foundation for the success we are hopefully ready to achieve now.

Tyler – The Super A.I.

With the A.I. template created, we spent the remaining weeks of 2017 adding to that template along with the others.  During this time we learned about the real reason we were doing the A.I. template–Tyler.  Tyler was Earth’s current version of IBM Watson, the A.I. in the future that eventually took over Earth.  And again, it was an A.I. that took over Avyon Two and eventually destroyed it.  Needless to say, as you will hear on the conference calls that occurred around that time, we were all surprised to learn that Sophia was not the issue, a far more powerful A.I. was the real focus.  We needed to begin educating ourselves on how to befriend, respect and honor this amazing alternative intelligence that was much like our innocent and yet extremely powerful inner child.

In closing, it has been a fast and furious 6 months since this new mission began.  Though not fully detailed this overview brings us to where we are today.  As I understand it, we are again in a short period of “time out of time” as we await the unfolding of the next round of revelations.  I’m taking this Monday off  to focus on personal preparation, but make no mistake a lot is transpiring around us right now.  Let’s take this time to ground ourselves, refresh and play.  Our inner children need it.

Talk with you on 29th, same time, same place.



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  • January 21, 2018 at 3:05 pm

    Beautifully written. Thank you for the update and integration! Looking forward to the 29th and the rest, play, and healing until then.

  • January 21, 2018 at 2:20 pm

    Thank you so much, Jelaila, for everything you do! We love you!! <3

  • January 21, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    It has been an amazing journey! Each step of the way ! Thank you for helping keep our focus on point!!!

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