Template Maintenance: For the Children

Greetings Compassion Creators!

Hope you were able to spend some time playing and relaxing this past week because it is time to get back to it.  Received a new assignment; we are to do maintenance on some of the templates we have made thus far. I call this “tweaking the templates.”

Maintenance, or tweaking, involves adding to the exiting template by working through another aspect in the form of a situation, person or event.  Each event that we work through adds example to the template. For example we had to the Release the Cabal template by working through another instance in which they have created suffering for us all.  Using the Formula of Compassion we nullify that specific form of negativity returning the energies to Source, while at the same time, creating a healing by reclaiming our power.  The power that is reclaimed is our  power that was being held by the Cabal due to both our pain and our belief that we are their victims.


Last night I was informed as to which templates we need to tweak.  They are the one mentioned above along with the Pedophilia Template.  I am told that the reason we are doing this is because the information about the Cabal’s satanic sacrifice is about to be exposed.  It will be beyond shocking.  As template makers (grid engineers) we are in the unique position to provide assistance to all souls on both sides so that planetary and soul healing can occur.  The alternative–well, we don’t want to go there now do we?

I must warn you in advance, this is going to be a hard assignment because we will need to step further into the hellish world of those children being raped tortured and sacrificed. So here is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak.  Templates from this point on are going to be more specific and more intensely emotional to make.  Remember, we all have our limits to how much we can take so if you feel you cannot, feel free to step out now.  I thank you for your service.

Onward we go…this time for the children.


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