“Red-pilling” and the Inner Child

When the Nibiruans inform us of things to come, we only have to wait and look for the signs.  If you recall, back in early October, when we were told that due to having successfully altered the outcome of the “Summer of Blood” timeline events (see 2nd Grand Experiment) Humanity had earned a 4th mass awakening.  This meant that many of our loved ones, those whom we thought we’d have to leave behind, would be able to awaken and move up in consciousness.

As usual, when such things are predicted, we will see signs in the mass consciousness. Those signs can include, but are not limited to, new social memes, sayings or terminology.  Have you noticed the terms “Red-pilling” and “Going down the rabbit hole” being bandied about on social media?  It’s my understanding that those terms are some of the signs that the 4th mass awakening has begun.

With that said, there is a point I’d like to clarify and that is that there are two levels of awakening occurring, and though each is tough to handle one is more challenging than the other, especially to the Inner Child.  We will discuss both levels along with how to physically and emotionally support ourselves and our respective inner children through it all.

Talk with ya Monday night!


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