Inside Your Soul’s Mind

Spirit, along with experience, has proven that maintain a positive, hopeful attitude will generate the miracles and good luck that we all want. Yet doing so in the midst of life’s challenges is easier said than done. Just recently I decided find out the secret to maintaining that upbeat attitude, as well as why it had been a struggle, especially in the last 6 years or so.

Each night, before bed, I’d ask my soul and my guides to show me what it was, that missing piece. Well–they answered, and in such a way that I knew I needed to share it with you.

Keep two things in mind regarding how guides give answers.

  1. They tend to give at least 3 signs. In other words, they will give the answer 3 different ways. Perhaps one way is sentence in a book, and another is something someone says to you. My guides actually used 5 signs (they wanted to ensure that I really got it).
  2. They give the signs in a relatively short time frame. The reason for this is to ensure that we recognize the synchronicity, and thus realize that they are actually signs from a guide or guides.

Okay, now on to the story.

The first sign occurred about 6 days ago. Jonathan, my former partner called to ask if I’d like to team up so that we could support each other in staying positive. He reminded me that we had both learned about the power of using positive emotions to alter one’s reality.

The second sign occurred the two days ago when my daughter called to tell me about her “black rabbit” dream. The black rabbit, (it was in her basement in the dream) was a sign to her that she had finally found the answer to something that had eluded her for a long time. She also felt it had to do with her recognizing that she could carry the financial responsibilities of owning and paying off the mortgage on the house that her father had left her. This was a big step because she had never left home and now, all of a sudden, she found herself a homeowner.

The third sign, and the missing piece, came yesterday during a webcast about Natalie Sudman. Natalie had had an NDE (Near Death Experience) when the truck she was riding in was hit by a roadside bomb. In the interview she spoke of how excited her Soul was about the possibility of losing sight in one eye. Hearing that part, about how the Soul viewed the new challenge was what I needed to hear. The reason that was important was that it was the first time I had heard someone speak from the perspective of the soul while on the other side. Also, the fact that the Soul had absolutely no concern about the inconvenience, pain and suffering it would endure; to the contrary, it only looked at the possible growth that could be obtained from that challenge. Totally mind blowing for me.

The fourth sign was came this morning as a thought (message) that popped into my head upon waking. Upon waking I received, “You can either thrive or survive.” That message instantly took me back to my childhood. I realized I had grown up surviving rather than thriving … a fact I’d never really acknowledged before. I mean, I know it was not an easy childhood but I never realized until now how chronically stressful it was. My and I “walked on eggshells” due to my father’s chronic high anxiety and resulting spontaneous temper tantrums, (that felt like someone had dropped a bomb in the room) and my mother’s debilitating depression. Consequently I never knew what it was like to wake up and feel that there was nothing to be concerned about. I never knew that kind of emotional peace and freedom.

The fifth and final sign came as I was having coffee. I tuned into Joel Osteen’s TV broadcast as I do each Sunday morning (my version of going to church). This week his message was about challenges and how God (our Soul) knows that we cannot grow without them. Moreover, the Soul is not concerned with whether we can overcome a challenge, it knows it can because the challenge was something it had created and therefore can change in an instant. Instead, the Soul is concerned with how far we can get overcoming the challenge using our faith, hope and positive attitude.

Hearing Joel’s message, I knew that my soul had answered my question, and did so by allowing me to see how a soul views challenges. My soul wanted me to know that I could overcome any challenge, change any circumstance when I decided to thrive instead of just survive. I finally get it.


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  • January 30, 2017 at 7:12 am

    Thank you Jelaila for shedding light on how easy it can be to fall into the trap of surviving instead of seeking prosperity; Something like this has been happening to me, since the last days of December when my work began to become scarce; And is that it is tempting to fall into feeling self-esteem in the soil. With your therapeutic help I realize that is what is happening inside me.

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