Feeling the Pressure to Change

This week’s sessions had a similar ring. Each client revealed that they were struggling through a painful situation that required them to make some sort of change. And though they were willing, they could not figure out what it was that needed changing, nor how to go about it.

Because so many of us are facing this type of thing, where pars of our life and just not working, I thought I’d share a few pointers. I don’t take credit for any; the wisdom came from the guides of my clients.

Environmental Clearing

The first area is physical, and honestly, the easiest to resolve. It involves having too much stuff. I wrote on this a few weeks ago (see Release Stuff to Get Unstuck) giving the example of my now former roommate Kathy. Not only did decluttering help Kathy finally get back to Ireland to see her long-time boyfriend, just 4 days later she manifested a fully furnished home to live in rent free! All she had to do was move in and pay the utilities. And that’s not all. The house is less than 2 blocks from where her 2 kids live with their dad. Now she has a place where she make dinner and have her children stay the night. Though I lost a good roommate, I am glad for her and for such a graphic confirmation of what the universe and our guides can do for us when we release our stuff.

Emotional Clearing

Emotional clearing falls into two categories: past and present. In the case of past issues, the first step is to bring up those issues into our conscious minds so that we can clear them. But that is easier said than done for many of us because we have so thoroughly buried them that we cannot find them. Fortunately there is a solution: flush the liver.

It is my understanding that we store our anger in our liver in the form of congealed fat that look like little green stones. Flushing the liver releases the stones. Once the stones are released, the emotional body must dump the equivalent of those released stones. It’s like blowing the lid off a tightly sealed box. So effective! Once the issues begin to surface, we can then work them through.

In the case of present issues, the answer is write down what is aggravating you the most. There is usually one issue that really stands out. Once you identify that one issue, you can then begin the clearing work. I have found that using the 7 Stages of Emotional Clearing as a road map to be quite helpful.

In closing, feeling the pressure to make a change is never fun–or comfortable. But, by knowing what kind of change is required, along with what tools are needed, we can make it through and reap the rewards.