Alone But Never Alone: When Guides Don’t Speak

One of the most common questions I receive from people working their missions is why their guides are not speaking. Though they repeatedly ask, they receive no communication. Having gone through those times during my own mission, I can empathize with them. It’s pretty unsettling to feel so alone, so abandoned, especially when you’ve given so much and sacrificed so much to honor your commitment.

Though the answer varies based on the situation, I have found that there are 3 main reasons for guides not speaking during the mission.

A Test

While in one of the training phases (see Starseed Series) we will have tests. These tests are given after we have accomplished something that is required for an assignment. The tests are designed to help both sides. We learn new skills, clear old fears and build confidence in our abilities. For our guides, the tests show them that we are indeed ready for the next assignment. (Missions are completed in phases comprised of one or more assignments. Assignments are given after the trained required to complete them.)

During a test the guides will step back and allow us to move through the event set up for the test. This event is a lesson of some sort.

Wanting To Do It Our Way

There are times when try as they might, our guides cannot get us to make a change needed for an assignment. In those cases, they will allow us to hit the proverbial wall. Once there they will wait until we have had enough pain to be willing to make the change. I had a very painful (not to mention humiliating) experience of this nature which I wrote about in The Mission Remembered I promise you, you will not forget these lessons.

In any case, when we are hell bent on doing it our way, even after repeated requests, our guides will have no choice but to step back and let us fall on our face.

In both of these situations, the silence can last for days, weeks or months; it all depends on us. As for our guides, it has been my experience that though they have stepped back, they are not gone completely. They observe every step we make, hurt right along with us and celebrate when we complete a test or make a needed change. They are our most loyal fans, our biggest cheerleaders.

A Guide Change

There is one last reason that guides will not speak during a mission: a guide change. In this instance, there is a changing of the guard because we have learned all that we can from a guide and now are ready to move on. It’s much like graduating from one grade to the next in school. In my experience, the absence is acutely felt but will only last a short while. In most cases the new guide will make contact within 30 days or less.

On that note, there are times when we don’t recognize that a new guide has arrived. This usually occurs because their energy signature is somewhat different in tone or frequency from our past guides. Many of my sessions have been at the prompting of a client’s new guide in order to make contact with the client.

In closing, there will be times during our mission that our guides will appear to go on vacation. Regardless of the reason, know that we are never truly alone; there will always, and I mean always, be someone there … watching, loving, caring … eager for the moment when they can reconnect.