How Do We Stay Safe?

Watching the news and seeing the devastation in Japan, the most prepared nation for earthquakes and tsunamis in the world, reminds us once again that there is no amount of physical preparation that we can do to be totally safe. We are a fragile species living on the surface of a planet and so vulnerable to the sometimes ferocious elements of nature.

I confess to a momentary bolt of fear shooting through my body straight to my heart as I watched the footage of cars and big cargo containers sliding off a pier into a swirling mass of water, houses, and other things I’d just rather not envision.

How do we stay safe from such disasters? What preparation what work can we do to ensure that we will get through these times? I recall something I was told by my guides when I posed those questions to them. “There’s no safe place only safe DNA.” It would take several years and much research to fully understand that statement.

Through quantum science we discovered the morphogenetic field (Field). This field of electromagnetic energy surrounds us an is the common thread that links us all. Some call it the Mass Consciousness, some the Universe. Regardless of what we call it, we create our reality through it.

Through quantum medicine we have discovered another piece that makes what we learned about creating reality make even more sense. There is a neural network in the heart (no, it’s not just a pump) through which we send thoughts and feelings (emotions) into the Field. What we send into the field is what we will magnetize. For example if we are angry we will attract circumstances, situations, events and people who will make us feel angry. It’s the same as saying that the universe (Field) will give us what we ask for.

That brings me to my next point. One of the most powerful things I have learned about emotional clearing and the Field is that it’s not just the emotions that we are conscious of that are going into the Field, the unconscious ones, the ones we have stuffed are going as well. And they are drawing people and events to us just as powerfully and effectively as our conscious emotions.

The DNA connection

Held within our DNA are the codes for our beliefs. Our respective realities are created based on these beliefs because we react emotionally to circumstances, people and events based on our beliefs. If our beliefs trigger us to feel positive feelings such as joy, or to feel compassion, those feelings sent into the Field will draw to us more reasons to feel joy and compassion. If, on the other hand, our beliefs trigger us to feel fear, anger, or resentment, and we don’t resolve those feelings appropriately, we will draw people and circumstances that cause us to feel more of them. This can manifest for example as being in the path of a hurricane, tornado or on vacation in Japan during an earthquake. So, the statement that our DNA determines our safety now makes sense, doesn’t it?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can provide assistance in this area. You’ll find my solution on the bar to the right. From 90 teleconferences designed to help you clear an issue on the spot, to emotional clearing workshops in person or by phone to an individual emotional clearing retreat with me, I think I’ve covered all the bases.

We are going to see more earth changes as Mother Earth continues her efforts to stay in vibrational alignment with the sun as we complete this cycle. Staying in alignment with her is how we will survive — and even thrive!