Perspective on 2 Suns, Japan and New Zealand’s Futures

A friend sent me a video of what appears to be a second sun. As I understand it was first seen in China and in other parts of Asia and Europe. What is it? Is it Nibiru? When I tuned in and asked the Nibiruans the answer was immediate. “No, it is not Nibiru. If it were Nibiru, you would not be asking that question …”

I took that to mean that if Nibiru were that close, (the worst possible position for us during its flyby) Earth would be rocked with earth changes and no one would have time to wonder because they’d be running for their lives.

“… but is connected to Nibiru.”

That was the second part of the answer. What does that mean? My hunch … and it is only a hunch … is that this is a comet, caught in one of Nibiru’s many node rings, that is flying by. It’s a big one too! Fortunately it will not hit us. Whew!

So, nothing to worry about there but it sure woke some people up and that is good. On to other current events …


The devastation in Japan is beyond words. I’ve been asked for a higher perspective and so far the only thing that comes is this. It just goes to show that even the most prepared nation in the world can be brought to its knees. I’ve been asked for a higher perspective and so far the only thing that comes is this. There’s no safe place only safe DNA. Once again the only thing that can save you and me is clearing the fear within. Quantum science, the Law of attraction et al, tells us that we only draw to us what we put out, i.e., emotions.

Will Japan survive? That’s another question I’m getting. It does not appear so. The Nibiruans tell me that Japan because it sits on top of an area that will see ever increasing tectonic plate movement, will be rocked by more tremors and quakes.

New Zealand

The same thing applies to New Zealand but the feeling is not as strong. New Zealand, also sitting on top of this same general area will suffer more instability but not to the same to degree as Japan.

Of course, any of these warnings can be downgraded and even eliminated if we all do our emotional clearing. Why? The planet will express through earth changes the emotional garbage that we refuse to clear in order to keep in step with the ever increasing frequency. In other words, as the vibrational rate of the solar system goes up the planets must stay in vibrational harmony or risk being torn apart. I hope that makes sense.

As I stated in the video, worldwide meditations and prayers are always helpful, but what will really make a long lasting impact is you, me and all of us doing our individual clearing. As the Nibiruans once told me, just 1 person clearing an old issue can downsize a tidal wave by 50 feet. Food for thought.