9D Perspective on Nibiru/Elenin and HAARP/Japan Earthquake

After receiving a boatload of emails asking about Elenin as well as, HAARP being used to create the earthquake that struck Japan, I’ve tuned in to ask the 9D Nibiruans for their perspective. Here’s what I received.

Elenin is NOT Nibiru. But, as they stated in the weekly message about the 2 suns, it is connected to Nibiru. Nibiru is a mini solar system with many moons, comets, asteroids orbiting a large brown dwarf. The moons and comets are of varying sizes. Elenin is a large comet and could be likened to a small brown dwarf. But, I repeat … it is not Nibiru.

I received a strong impression that Elenin is Northwind … a comet that precedes Nibiru and in some ways acts as a messenger of its coming.

Furthermore, we will see more members of Nibiru’s entourage in the future as they come within seeing distance during their journey through our part of the solar system.

Now, about HAARP being used to create the Japan earthquake. They didn’t confirm it or deny it. Instead, they focused on what they felt was a more important aspect: what we do about it. As with any major event playing out now, it is a repeat of an ancient event. Each time we replay it we do so in order to hopefully achieve a compassionate resolution. Compassion is what puts and end to the drama and clears and heals the wound. So if we focus on who done it and why then get angry and upset, we’ve done nothing to alter the old pattern. Moreover, we’ve learned nothing as well.

We are in for some very challenging times ahead … Nibiru is coming … as a catalyst for change … the Global Elite will continue their infighting as they play out the dramas of the past. Our job, you and me and the rest of humanity is to step out of our limited 3D way of thinking and behaving and remember that we are creator gods/souls. We each created this global drama and chose to incarnate at this time in order to replay the parts we wanted to change … the parts we were unable to change in past times.

Remember that the Global Elite has the unsavory and unappreciated role of reflecting back to us the collective darkness we carry within. Keeping in mind the higher understanding of the Dark, the souls who love us the most play the darkest roles in our lives. This means in our private lives, nationally and globally. They must also love us enough to wake up every day knowing they are hated, reviled, ridiculed, rejected, judged and condemned. They must live knowing little if any real love.

Their only hope is that we remember this, grow up, stop looking outside ourselves for the villain and look within. Once we make the necessary change, we release them from blame and thank them for being willing to show us the part of ourselves we were trying to change.

This is why the Nibiruans do not get into who did it. They realize that in the end it doesn’t matter … all is done for soul evolution.