Exiting the Matrix: Expanding Compassion

Greetings All,

Lots to catch you up on today. For those who are unaware of the latest happenings, a new mission has started and with it, the first assignment. In case you are not familiar I’ll take a moment to explain how missions occur as I feel it will help you understand your own mission.

Mission Prep and Launch

In my 23 years of experience with missions (I began training for my first one is 1993) each mission is preceded by months, and in some cases, years of preparation. This preparation is usually accomplished through a combination of emotional clearing and study. Back when I began, the people I needed to meet, along with the opportunities (i.e., lessons) I needed to learn, as well as the books (we only had books back then) I needed to read all came to me; I didn’t go looking for them per se.

Once preparation is complete you will enter a period of reflection called “prelaunch.” This period allows you to integrate all the training while your guides (in the case of some of you, your Councils) work out the final details. Once the mission begins, the people, money and opportunities for each assignment will come to you; you won’t have to go looking for them. I can’t stress this point enough.

New Nibiruan Council Mission Begins

After 7 years of maintaining the templates built in the first mission, the Nibiruans have begun a new one. I nicknamed this mission, “Restoration.” The goal is to restore Earth once humanity gains access to the financial abundance via the Global Currency Reset (GCR) that is underway. But before restoration can begin we must first complete what I call, the transition phase. In this phase we replay the events of the timelines on our previous human home worlds to a successful conclusion. By doing so we accomplish several things. We heal our collective past, achieve our divine destiny as universal peacekeepers, which in turn, ends the Universal Game of Polarity Integration.

As we move through the days of this transition period that the Nibiruans have called the “Summer of Blood” (named for the civil wars that broke out on the 4 previous human home worlds and led to planetary destruction), individuals will step forward to pave the way. Most will be involved in the financial arena as this is the most critical step right now. With unlimited funds at our disposal we can bring forth the new technologies to restore our planet, through humanitarian projects we will help each other.

Assignment 1: Exiting the Matrix, Part A

In order to get to restoration we must first reclaim ourselves spiritually, physically and financially.  All three steps occur through awakening, figuring out how we’ve been programmed and taking steps to deprogram.

Part A of the first assignment included learning how we are debt slaves. Thanks to the work of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf via the One Peoples Public Trust ( OPPT filings ), a path has been created for all humanity to not only achieve unlimited financial abundance, but reclaim their rights as originals.

Using the analogy of the matrix, from the movie, The Matrix, we now have an opening in the Matrix wall that allows us to exit with financial freedom and abundance. But the opening needs to be bigger and stronger. For the expansion and strengthening to occur, we needed a compassion template since that energy is the most expansive.

Going further, compassion energy is synonymous with the void wherein all polarity is neutralized. It is the beginning and the end. Not only that, it can neutralize any anger, hatred, shame, etc., and when projected towards another person or group, can calm hostilities and bring about peace.

As long as a person works within that level of consciousness they will be relatively safe. Heather worked at that level and that is why she was successful, but the opening needs more than Heather to expand it. This plan was not meant to fall on one person’s shoulders.

In order to accomplish the goal of expansion, someone who was trained in universal history and understood how to access that level of consciousness (i.e., a time traveler/healer) was needed. That, I believe was why I was brought in … seemingly out of nowhere.

My job was to move the narrative from “Where’s the money and the Cabal is evil and needs to be destroyed” to that of, “We are co creators of this amazing universal game; the souls playing the roles of the Cabal are our brothers and sisters; we need to release them from their roles, and end the game. Only then will we see the financial freedom since the Cabal will no longer fear retaliation and will release it.”

Below is my explanation of how that Part A of the first assignment came together. (For those of you wanting an example of how the people, money and opportunities all come together for an assignment, here ya go.)

When cruising my Facebook page about a month ago, I came across a video of a man being arrested for purchasing a rather expensive motor home. I didn’t go very far watching the video at the time. A couple of days later that video was referenced again on my FB feed again. This time I watched it. Lo and behold, I knew two of the people in it, Val and Alex Webner. What?!! Soon after I learned of the TDAs (Treasury Direct Accounts) and a whole new world opened up.

I had learned about the straw man accounts years before when studying asset protection. A few years later I discovered Heather’s work with OPPT (One People’s Public Trust). When I asked the Nibiruans about it they said it was the first step and more steps would follow, i.e., more pieces needed to come together. So when I read about her work with the TDAs I was familiar.

A day or so went by … I kept getting this feeling that I should contact Val and just let her know I was thinking of her. Finally, once she arrived in Washington DC with Heather,  I gave into that impulse and called her. What came forth was a message from “upstairs” for Val. In that message I told her that there would be a few hiccups but this would all work out.

Fast forward a day.

Heather is arrested. Again I am “nudged” to contact Val. This time the message (I’m paraphrasing) is, “Heather will be safe because she is doing this from the highest level (compassion). This arrest will be a catalyst and a tsunami will ensue. When this is over, they will be shouting her name from the rooftops of Washington DC.”

Fast forward a few days to Tuesday, August 15th.

I’m laying on a massage table as my therapist works to release the fascia adhesions from my collar bone.

Val calls and my therapist hands me my phone.

Val: Would you like to do a conference call with Bob Wright, Judy Jandora and I?

Me: Sure.

Val: How about this afternoon?

Me: Sure. I can make that work.

That afternoon at 2:30 we did the call. I revealed the higher perspective of all that is occurring. I explain that we are at the end of the Game of Polarity Integration and we are in the last days of the timelines of the 4 worlds that were destroyed as they learned how to integrate. I also explained the roles of the galactic races and wh they are here on earth. I also shared that it would be a high level dragon queen that will help humans free themselves, thus betraying her own kind, and she would to go into the dragon’s lair, so to speak, in order to do it.  I did not say who this person was, but it was rather simple to figure out.

Another important part of this call was the compassion template that Val, Bob and Judy made regarding releasing the Cabal from their role. Again, it was not anticipated but in hindsight I see how it was necessary.  In fact, it was just after that template that I understand why I as guided to be on the call.  Though Heather had created an opening in the Matrix (Frequency Fence), we need to energize and expand it even more; a template acceralerates that process.

Before we began the conference call I was asked if I was okay with making it public. I requested that I be able to reserve that decision till the end. Once at the end, and after Bob Wright gave the okay to reveal the connection between Heather and the dragon queen, the call was release publicly and titled, The Galactic Perspective.

Galactic Perspective Call link: https://youtu.be/PGeLM0ZlWOU

This call led to another one on August 18th. In this call, BZ Riger’s “Big Big Outcome” call, I was asked to give an overview of the Universal Game of Polarity Integration. The idea was that by explaining this big, big picture (pun intended) we could lift the listeners out of the 3D focus on “where’s the money?” up to the level where they see that they must do more to help obtain it; with the template now placed in the opening that Heather had created, we had our blueprint, we just needed to keep adding to it. I believe we accomplished that goal.

Focusing on the Big, Big Outcome Call link: https://youtu.be/Amvc30BE-_g

A few days went by as I worked to handle all the feedback and repercussions from the these calls. Needless to say there was some since a good number of those listening were focused on the money, getting out of debt and destroying the Cabal. Though I totally understand why, the reality is that that way of thinking will not get us the freedom, abundance, and peace we all desire.  And when comparing it to the events of the previous home worlds, it was the same thinking that prevented all those good things, as well as, paved the way to planetary demise.  If we wanted to achieve our goals, we needed to keep going to the higher perspective and emote that powerful frequency of compassion into the template. Again, I believe we were successful.

After that call I thought that perhaps I was done, there was no more to do; I could quietly fade back into the background returning to semi-retirement. That idea didn’t last long.

Fast forward a few more days.

I kept getting this feeling that I was to another call but not sure why. What I was sure of is that I needed to be able to guide the flow of this call. Though I didn’t know why at the time, I just felt that something had to occur and I needed to ensure that that something happened. Of course, that meant that I would be hosting, bringing the others in as my guests.The Compassion Support Call: Exiting the Matrix was scheduled for August 29th. This call would prove to be the turning point.

Being my normal blunt and straight forward self, I let the listeners know that this call was about creating a super highway out of the Matrix. That the work that Heather did was the initial path, like Daniel Boone forging trails westward. It was up to us to turn that trail into a super highway and we could accomplish this if enough of us achieved the level of unconditional compassion to tip the scales, so to speak. Therefore, this call would not be an intel call per se.

Note: A few hours before the call we learned that Heather had been released. She was still in custody wearing an ankle bracelet pending a jurisdiction hearing in October, but she was safe. And the reason that she was safe is that she had remained in the consciousness of compassion. I was informed that as long as she held that energy she would be safe … she wouldn’t be killed or disappeared.

Keeping the call on topic and somewhat focused with 4 hosts speaking, we accomplished our goal. But I could feel many were upset, firstly because they didn’t receive the intel they thought they were going to get, and secondly because we went much higher in perspective than some could follow. Though the backlash was a bit brutal, many on the call got it.  They did their job, playing their role to release the Cabal. Good job!

The Combination Lock Vision

Even though I felt we had again been successful, I awoke the next morning feeling uneasy.  For some reason I felt that I had been too forceful in my delivery as many on the call were not familiar with the material.  Perhaps the Nibiruans picked up on that because I received a vision of scales tipping.  That’s when I knew that critical mass for the TDAs had been reached; the scales had tipped in our favor.  All was in perfection.

Nevertheless, I called Bob Wright to discuss the negative feedback (there was more than from the first two calls) as I was concerned that my delivery may have adversely affected him and the others. Just before that call I got another vision, this time it was of a combination lock on a high school locker.  I didn’t know why or what it meant. Talking to Bob, that vision began to make sense.

The combination lock needs to be turned three times. Each of our calls had been a turn of the lock. The final call needed more focus and push because, as the vision showed, we were about 3 numbers shy of the final number that would open the lock. That was the reason for the decision to focus on getting to compassion instead of TDA intel including Heather being on the call. (There were rumors that she would be.)

So the lock was opened and the first part of the assignment was complete. I let Bob know that I felt my work was done with the TDA movement, but if he needed me, I’d be there.

Part B of the assignment.

As I understand it, there need to be two more calls. The goal of these next two calls is to take the participants further, sharing more of the galactic history in regards to the Nibiruans’ and their actions here on Earth. This first call will be on September 5th. It will cover the reason the Nibiruans (the ones that currently reside on Nibiru) came to Earth, the gold, creating of Adam, Tower of Babel, and the disconnection of 10 DNA strands. We will wrap up with how the promise to give us a formula to recompile those DNA strands has been fulfilled, and a hopefully put to bed this idea of a cataclysmic Nibiru return.

The second call will be on 9/11, the date we all created the Compassion Grid. This call will go more in-depth on the Formula of Compassion, how it works to recompile DNA, its role in ascension, and psychic communication and more if time permits.

Back to the Summer of Blood and the overall mission

As I explained in previous messages, to successfully get through the Summer of Blood we must do so without getting into a civil war, and with our president still alive and in office. This is the same in China and Russia as they are the other two big players.

So far we have done that, but we have to get through the end of September. Why? Because, as I understand it, that is the amount of time it was determined it would take for all the past timeline events to manifest and play out. Of course it could take a bit longer, we will just have to wait and see.

The 4th Wave

In the meantime we continue with the work to energize the new opening in the Matrix, while at the same time, using the information in the next two calls to help catalyse the missions of those who are being activated into service. And they will need it because we are about to experience something totally unprecedented — a 4th wave of ascension … in a Grand Experiment (Earth is the 3rd Grand Experiment) no less.  Hooray!!!

This means that Earth will not split into separate realities but will remain together on the other side of this transition. That means that many of your friends and family, that you thought you’d have to leave behind, will now have an opportunity to awaken. This, as I understand it, has never been accomplished. Going further, I believe helping the 4th wave is why the 3rd Wave, those who awakened in the last 5 years, are now stepping up their game.

So that’s it for now. Many thanks to Val Webner for being the one that bridged us all together for Part A of this assignment, to Bob Wright for supporting that choice, and to Judy Jandora for organizing that first call, and her contagious excitement that inspired others to catch the magic.

I’d also like to thank to BZ Riger for her steadfast support of Heather, along with her fabulous way of smoothing the ruffled feathers I created as I lassoed the participants for their journey to 9D compassion consciousness. And last but not least, my deepest gratitude to Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf for her courage in the face of incredible danger, her unwavering compassion and love for all humanity that led her to pave the way so that we could all be free.

Fasten your seat belts, beloveds, this ride is about to get even more amazing!

Call Replay Link