U.S. Attacks – What We Can Do!

Since writing the 9D Council Perspective on US World Trade Center and Pentagon Attacks, I have been inundated with emails. Some were supportive, and some were just the opposite. But, the most thought provoking emails were those that asked, “What can we do?” I sat and thought about that question but didn’t come up with an immediate answer.

This morning as I was reading a message written by my good friend and fellow teacher Nancy Joy Hefron, I suddenly realized what could be done to counterbalance this tragedy and the events that may come of it. I say counterbalancing as opposed to feeding into the emotions of the event, which is what I sincerely believe the perpetrators feed on—our hate, anger and revenge.

For several years now, I have been writing down the tools of ascension. The first and foremost tool of the group is the Formula of Compassion. These tools, The Multidimensional Keys of Compassion of which the Formula is the foundation, are not mine, they belong to all of us and they are encoded in our DNA. I was just given the task of pulling them together and writing them down in a manner that would allow us to activate our high heart chakras and transmute lower chakra energies of anger, rage, guilt, shame, etc. into compassion. Many people over the years have used this formula to transmute all manner of painful events and deep-seated emotional traumas and blocks. This morning I got the answer. We can use the Formula of Compassion to create real change by transmuting our personal feelings of anger, rage and blame over this tragic event into a web of compassion! Yes! What better use can this tool serve than to be used in this manner?

So what will this grid of compassion do? As it gets stronger (by us transmuting energies into compassion and funneling them through intent into this grid) it will overlay the present 3rd dimensional grid of anger, guilt and control (our 3D vibratory prison) and thus shift and overlay our existing reality with a new one—one that is of a higher consciousness.

Once I realized this, I realized the true gift of this tragedy. Suddenly what seemed so terrible and near hopeless (Bush declaring war, didn’t you know it was coming?) didn’t seem so final. He might declare war but we have a way to change the outcome. Now this may seem like a pie in the sky, airy-fairy idea but I have seen the power of compassion (not forgiveness) and how it can literally change realities. Let’s not underestimate the power of compassion … please!

So we can pray for peace but we can also do something even more proactive. We can use the Formula. It is a kind of prayer in itself. I call it a working prayer.

But there is more. A year ago almost to the day, I wrote an article called The Ingathering Has Begun. In that article I explained that the gathering of souls dedicated to integration of the Light and the Dark and the creation of a new 5D reality had begun. This meant gathering together in groups to transmute dark energies into compassion. At the time there was not anything occurring on the world scene to create such a movement. Now, almost to the day, that event has taken place. They also had been talking to me about creating a web but I didn’t quite understand the how and why of it. This also has become clear.

But I feel that we cannot be as successful in our efforts to build this web and change the outcome of events if we remain separated. I believe that it is far too emotionally challenging. I myself have a partner with whom I share my feelings, but even I feel the need to go and be with those I love and who are of like mind when times get tough. I urge you to gather with others of like mind in your town or online in chat rooms and Forums. Gather any place where you can create a sense of family.

When we are united we are stronger. And I believe from my own experience that when we unite and use the Formula of Compassion as a group to transmute the energies, we are doing one of the most powerful acts that a human can do to change the outcome of any crisis…and yes, I feel we are in a time of great crisis!

Now here’s the final piece and I’ve left it to the last because I know how it can create resistance. We must wake up to the real truth about who is attempting to achieve full control our planet. We must be willing to open our minds to the knowledge that our world has been controlled by a species not of our own kind and it has been happening for thousands of years. This species operates covertly at the heart of all our world governments, new medias and religions. I realize your mind may rebel at the very thought but keep in mind that unless we know what is really happening we are shark bait in a shark pool so to speak.

My friend Donus Sroufe called me and asked that I include this idea in the article. Donus suggested that we could ease our minds into the truth by repeating the following intention in our daily prayers, “I ask that the real truth be made known.” This, of course, means the real truth not only about the US Attacks but also the truth of who is controlling our world and why. Donus thought that having everyone do it at the same time all around the world would be quite powerful in manifesting this intention and I agree. So let’s do this at 12:00 noon Eastern time, on Monday, September 17, 2001.

Only when we are armed with truth and still choose to respond with compassion will we be getting the most benefit from our gathering and Formula use. At that point we will be creating the highest, purest form of compassion that can be created…and this energy will power our 5D grid of compassion like nothing we’ve ever felt or seen before. It will give us the power to create change like we have never known!

So let me recap here and give some steps.

  1. In your prayers today and each day hence include this intention, “Let the real truth be known.”
  2. On Monday, September 17, 2001 at 12:00 noon ET say a prayer asking that the real truth and the whole truth about this tragedy and our world leaders be known (Use www.timeanddate.com for the corresponding time in your area).
  3. Use the Formula of Compassion to transmute any personal lower chakra energies being generated by your discovery of the truth, the current crisis and any events that follow.
  4. Look for and research the proof of what is going on.
  5. Gather in groups with the truth in hand and consciously make the choice to choose the power of compassion over the powerlessness of revenge and follow through on that choice with group use of the Formula of Compassion.

Let’s not let the sacrifice of those who died in this tragedy be in vain. I feel that they would want us to use their gift to create compassion not war and help our planet ascend. This crisis is our turning point. Pain is the catalyst for change. Let’s change the outcome of this crisis and use it to energize a web of compassion around the world.

In service,

Jelaila Starr

Written September 27, 2001

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Readers Comments

“I happened upon your website while looking up info on Nibiru … what you are saying just blows me away! And it also reconfirms my own teachings over many decades … reconfirms dreams I’ve had about “authority figures” who are not what they seem. As I watched the events of Sept. 11 unfold on TV my mind screamed out, “well, you finally went and did it you creeps!” And I was NOT referring to Islamic fundamentalists!! I knew in my heart that this was an “insider” job, meant to create fear in our minds so that we could be more easily manipulated. And it really has felt like a drama I’m watching. I seem to understand this on a much deeper level than ever before. We are to observe the drama and continue to ask questions. I have felt no compulsion whatsoever to be drawn into it other than at a level I believe shows support for individuals who are having ambivalent emotions. Compassion truly is the only response as we continue the process of envisioning our way out of the present world. Is this what you refer to as ascension?” Tayhleia