The Ingathering has Begun!

In the early morning of August 27th I awoke to hear a voice in my head saying, “The ingathering has begun”. I looked at the clock to see what time it was. It was 2:22 a.m. Immediately a picture from a childhood storybook of the animals walking up the ramp into the Ark came to mind. I knew this was important because the feelings in my heart chakra were very intense.

I sensed that the message came from a collective voice, a voice representing many nations and races. It seemed to me that they were the Elders of each of these races. The name that I get is the Star Elders. In any case, it felt like they were telling me that they had begun calling all the people together. My understanding was that they were referring to the starseeds, walk-ins and lightworkers and those doing the calling were the family member of each race who was in charge of overseeing the path of their people on earth.

There was no doubt in my mind that this reference was to a new phase that had begun and I was being requested to deliver that message to the people per my assignment as a messenger for the Nibiruan Council. After pondering this for a while longer, I went back to sleep.

September 9, 2000

It has been 13 days since I received that message. I have been feeling that I needed to write about this gathering phase but felt that something was still missing. As I talked to others over the intervening days, I was encouraged to find out that many of them had received similar information. This was reassuring because it told me that, indeed, something was really happening.

Today, I did a session for a wonderful lady from Seattle named Sharyl Jackson. She called me for this session because she had been urged to do so by her guides. When the session began she said, “My first question is why was I guided to have this session?” The answer proved very enlightening for both of us. One of her guides, a tall, thin, regal man with white hair and electric blue eyes came forward to answer the question. I had the distinct impression that he was a man of few words. He waited patiently for me to give him my attention. I had been describing him to Sharyl. She recognized him as a guide who only showed up when it was time for her to begin a new phase.

Once he had my attention, he began by showing me in a vision of two cities of light connected by a bridge. Neither city was completely built but the one on the left was further along than the other, which was just getting started.

Then he waved his arm in an arc and before me another vision took form. This one took my breath away. All I could say was, “Wow!” The vision was set in space. There were what I could only describe as cities of light separated by the deep blackness of space. Each one was connected to the other by grids of light. They were in a circle, like a wagon wheel or even better, a spider web. The cities were all connected to a city located right in the center. I saw pulsing lights moving along the grids that connected each of the cities to this city/hub and to each other.

The center city was not as fancy or glittery as some of the others, but it did its work providing an integration vortex for the information coming from the higher realms as well as information that was received from the higher realms via people in the other cities. It took this information and placed it into the bigger universal picture showing how each group, each race fit into the greater consciousness in order to foster cooperation and unity. It was the most magnificent thing I think I have ever seen.

Next, he told me telepathically that the cities of light were websites on the Internet and that the space I saw was the space that existed between these websites on the Internet. As you and I know, the Internet is not physical but electrical and magnetic. It is simply a bunch of computers connected to each other.

So his message was that the ingathering meant that starseeds, walk-ins and lightworkers would be impulsed to either create one of these cities of light/websites or gather in one that was already created.

So what would they do in these gathering places and what would the gathering places provide? What is their purpose?

The cities of light/websites would be places where the people would receive information, education and emotional/physical support to continue and complete their missions. Earlier in the week I received a flash of information about this while talking with a friend. I was shown the Second Grand Earth Experiment and received a message that said, one of the reasons the second experiment did not succeed is because they could not get the starseeds to work together and complete the ingathering.

Their focus on differences between groups and channeled information and fighting over who’s information was right and who’s was wrong (mainly fueled by the teachers) caused them to resist coming together for the good of all. They could not, would not accept that everyone’s information had value and when interpreted multidimensionally was truth for that group or race and had its place in the bigger universal picture. They did not understand and would not understand the concept of multidimensional truth. This along with a few other challenges culminated in the destruction of the planet and a failure to achieve polarity integration.

So we are back again at the same stage of ascension. This time we are to complete the ingathering into the cities of light/websites. Many are being called to create these cities, many are being called to step out and begin showing their brothers and sisters the way to these cities. This latter group of individuals will be ones who will start online mailing lists to share information coming into and out of the different hub/cities/websites/. They are the ones who will distribute the information around the web, and thus around the globe.

The cities of light/websites will become the new 5D communities. All goods and services will eventually be available through them including food, clothing, educational information, etc., and the form of exchange will be a higher dimensional form of barter. Once again, these will not be where you live physically, but where you live interdimensionally. In other words, this new world will exist interdimensionally and you can connect to it at anytime through your computer. Your computer is the doorway into the interdimensional 5D community. I believe that is one of the main reasons why so many of us have been getting impulsed to purchase a computer.

There is more to write about this new phase including information about the race of beings who have come to our planet to set up the technology for the new cities. I will write about them, the challenge they are now facing and what we can do to assist them in an upcoming article. For now, I am told that this is the end of the message that they requested I deliver. Once again, I hope it has helped a few more of the pieces of your puzzle come together.

If you have questions or have information to share about the ingathering for the cities of light/websites, please let me know.

Until next time, I remain, your humble messenger,

Jelaila Starr

Written September 9, 2000

About Sharyl

Sharyl Jackson is one of those warm-hearted souls who will, like so many of you, play a valuable part in the ingathering. I wish to publicly thank her for being the one to activate the code that unlocked the last portion of the downloaded packet I received from this group of beings regarding the ingathering.