The Value of the 3D Veil

For those walking the ascension path, being able to remember all of our memories of other lives and places has long been considered one of the major rewards. As we doggedly move forward year and year, clearing our emotional issues, we hold fast to the hope that one day we will have access to every memory and the Akashic Records, the repository of our multidimensional memories, will become an open book that we can access at our leisure. But until that time the 3D veil, known to many of us as the veil of forgetfulness, the one that blocks us from our ancient memories, continues to thwart our efforts making it very difficult to remember our past and future lives on other dimensions.

Due to the powerful effectiveness of this veil, we remain locked in our one-dimensional prison and one-dimensional life. For the majority of people on this planet, that is okay. They have been taught that this life is all there is, but for the rest of us who seek to know more of who we are, believing that there is life beyond our planet and lives that we have lived beyond our current life, the ache to remember can seem almost unbearable at times. We know in our hearts that accessing those other lifetimes is a key to becoming multidimensional—all that stands in our way, we say, is that darn 3D veil!

Before I go any further, allow me to explain what I mean by having a multidimensional consciousness. With a multidimensional consciousness, we can live on earth (3D) experiencing all the good things that 3D has to offer. In addition we would be able to feel all of our emotions including those of our other multidimensional selves. This means we would have all the feeling receptors in our physical/emotional bodies fully functioning and we would be able to move our emotions in, through and out of our physical bodies, transmuting the lower chakra emotions into compassion when appropriate. We would no longer be stuffing our emotions and/or using food, exercise, work, drugs or alcohol to medicate them. We would fully value all of our emotions including those we have been taught are unacceptable.

As I have written many times before, I walk that path of ascension right along with the rest of you. And I, too, have raised my fist towards the heavens in frustration saying, “I want to remember! I want to know all about my past lives, my origins and the family that I left behind when I decided to come to earth in service.” When I began the ascension path, I could not wait to remember. I jumped into emotional clearing with the enthusiasm of an innocent because I was told that that was how I was going to be able to access my memories. I wanted to remember so badly that I was willing to do almost anything.

Now, after several years in the process, I understand a lot more than I did back then. One of the things I understand is that there is a value to the 3D veil, the one that we rail against and feel was imposed on us against our will. Now, I know that some of you don’t see it that way and you do feel that you willingly accepted the veil in order to incarnate on earth, but many do not. Regardless of whether you feel you chose it or not, there is a real value in this veil, one I wish to explain. My reason for sharing this explanation with you is to help ease the pain of the ascension path just a bit more. As we learn the value of the things we resist or negatively judge, we relieve ourselves of the pain that our judgment and resistance creates. In my opinion, the ascension path is challenging enough without adding the pain of judgment to any part of the process.

So why do we feel the 3D veil has no value? Why was it created as part of the earth experience? What purpose does it serve in our spiritual growth and ascension? And how could it possibly have any value? Let’s take a look.

It is my understanding that from a universal perspective, the earth is a grand experiment of polarity integration. This means that earth is a planet where all aspects of Light and Dark can be experienced and where all levels of free will can be exercised. And of course, the goal is to integrate the Light and Dark on all levels through the exercise of total free will. Within the realm of free will is the right to experience as much or as few of our emotions as we choose.

It is through our emotions that we access our memories. When counseling with clients trying to access their memories, I explain that our memories are stored in our long-term memory like file folders in a file cabinet. Each folder is labeled with the name of an emotion. Each memory is filed based on its emotional content. For example, a memory that involved a lot of anger would be filed in the folder labeled “anger.” A memory that consisted mostly of love, like the memory of a day at the park with your lover would be stored in the folder labeled “happy love.” Each memory would be stored in multiple folders based on which emotions were involved in the experience. This means that in order to access all of your memories, you must be able to feel all of your emotions. If you suppress some of your emotions, you will find it very difficult and after a while, impossible to access the memories associated with those emotions.

This is why people begin to have memory problems as they get older. They have suppressed so many of their emotions for so long they can no longer access the corresponding memories. This can become so severe that whole portions of their lives are blanked out. It is not that the memories are not there, it is that they can no longer retrieve them from long-term memory.

The earth systems of this polarity integration experiment are designed to be functionally dysfunctional. In other words they are to function in a dysfunctional way. Why? The goal of all universal experiments is spiritual evolution and to grow we must have something to grow out of and something to grow into. How could we acquire soul growth if all our systems were perfectly balanced? How can we learn compassion, acceptance and kindness if everything is already balanced, compassionate, kind and accepting? You see, there must be systems that are based on the opposite of these qualities so that we can learn to balance the unbalanced, make functional the dysfunctional. At least that is how I understand it.

What does this all have to do with our not finding a value in the 3D veil? We say that we want to remember all of our memories and we blame the veil for not being able to do so. We believe that if there were no veil we would have access to all of our memories … and we would. But if we as a society and race have trouble now handling the full gamut of our emotions and their associated memories, how can we possibly expect to be able to handle the emotions and memories from all of our other lives? If we acknowledge the fact that our world is rampant with addictions of all kinds, designed to help us repress the emotions we are told are not appropriate to express, how can we hope to handle the emotions we will feel when we access the memories of our other lives? We are talking about emotions a thousand times more powerful and intense than the small amount we experience now. Just as we only access one lifetime of memories now, we only access one lifetime of anger, shame, guilt, joy, sorrow and pain.

Can you imagine what it would be like to access a thousand lifetimes of these emotions … or a million lifetimes all at the same time? Without the 3D veil, we would be exposed to all the emotions and all the memories of all our lives in other dimensions. Can you imagine the impact that would have on our already overtaxed nervous systems? What kind of life would we live then? Would we all become alcoholics, food addicts or drug addicts? Would we become a society enslaved by our addictions … and aren’t we that already? How much more severe would it be? I shudder to think!

I believe that without the 3D veil we would be more addicted and medicated than we already are. In my opinion the 3D veil is a blessing in disguise. Because of the 3D veil, I have the opportunity to shield myself from the larger extent of my memories so that I can learn how to handle the ones of this lifetime before I take on those from other lifetimes. I can take baby steps and learn to experience the full range of my emotions in my own timing.

I can learn to speak my truth in steps so that my Inner Child/Ego does not have a panic attack because it fears the consequences of my actions. With the 3D veil in place I can take learning how to “be for me” instead of being for everyone else except me one step at a time so that my Inner Child/Ego can learn to integrate the fear of people calling me selfish when I stop catering to their every need. Without the 3D veil I could not do these things. I would have to eat the proverbial elephant all at once … and that would probably blow me right out of my body or cause me to plunge into the deepest levels of depression in order to be able to survive the pain not to mention the drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee and food addictions I would acquire to be able to handle the rest. Without the 3D veil, I don’t feel that I’d have a prayer’s chance of becoming multidimensional and ascending because I wouldn’t be able to integrate all the emotions in my MD memories at once.

What part does the veil play in our spiritual growth and ability to ascend? In my opinion, it is a valuable tool. As we acquire and practice using tools that enable us to clear our emotional bodies and handle new emotions instead of stuffing and medicating them, we can use the veil to gauge the degree to which we can access and effectively process emotions, moving them from our emotional body into and out of our physical body. As we get better at doing this, we can begin accessing more of our current life memories, integrating and balancing the emotions involved. Once we get to the point where we can use higher dimensional tools to integrate any emotion from any of our memories at will, we can move to the next step—integrating the emotions of our other lives.

It is my understanding that the 3D veil can be pierced by any of us. All we have to do is be able to integrate emotions so that we can access the memory files of our other lives. The 3D veil does not keep us from our memories, it does not arbitrarily lock us out of the other dimensions. If this was the case, I don’t believe anyone would be able to access the Akashic Records and we have seen plenty of people who can.

It is my understanding that the 3D veil is simply a tool that allows us to regulate the amount of emotions we feel by limiting our access to our memories until we can handle all of them. In ascension, we work towards gaining access to all of our other lives (multidimensional selves) so that we become multidimensional. To do this we use multidimensional or higher dimensional tools. Once again we use the 3D veil to regulate that access to our other lives so that we are able to become multidimensional a step at a time. As I mentioned earlier, becoming multidimensional involves accessing the memories of these other lives in other and parallel dimensions, clearing and integrating the emotions involved. We cannot do this all at once … our nervous systems couldn’t handle it. With the veil we can regulate the pace.

In closing, after many years on the ascension path I now understand the value of this veil as a tool for my ascension. I have learned how I can pierce at will and gain access to my Akashic Records as well as those of my clients so I no longer fear it. And I am so thankful that we souls incarnate here on earth added this tool to our earth experience because without the regulatory abilities inherent in this powerful tool, how could we hope to integrate our emotions a step a time and ascend?

Jelaila Starr

Written January 4, 2001

Readers Comments

“I have been reading, with some interest, your recent article entitled The Value of The 3D Veil. You may already have come across the trilogy of books written by Neale Donald Walsh – Conversations With God (books 1-3). He has also written two further books called Friendship With God and Communion With God. The first three books flirt with the issue of The 3D Veil, but the final two delve quite thoroughly into the issues. Much of what you have written contains echoes of what has been written by Neale Donald Walsh. You may be interested to take a look at his work if you haven’t done so already. Namaste.” Simon P.

“Your comments in this article are right on. I have about as much as I can handle right now with what is coming through my veil, a piece at a time! I am currently experiencing almost daily changes. Without the veil, I would be truly overwhelmed. With that tool, we are still in control as we access and integrate our own past material. We can control how much we access and clear. Without the tool of the veil, I can see I would lose my focus and be too overwhelmed to pay attention to the lessons and the tasks of each day. However, I am very much looking forward to being clear enough to see a little farther. Again, many thanks for your wisdom and encouragement. Your help is truly appreciated. Much love.” Jerry C.