Mid-year Update on Earth’s 5D Timeline and the GCR

It’s been 4 months since I began offering the mini-sessions at the request of the Guides. I said I would do it until I received the sign that I could stop. Again, that sign has not come so I will continue the free sessions. I ask that you read the Details page before ordering. It saves a lot of time and energy for both of us. Thanks 🙂

On to today’s message.

Update on the new 5D Timeline and the GCR (Global Currency Reset)

First off, I cannot believe that I am writing this update as so many of us thought the GCR would have occurred by now, but here we are. Just recently I asked the 9D Nibiruans for an update.

I was reminded to look at world events from a universal perspective. What we are witnessing on Earth right now is the third attempt to achieve integration in the universal game for soul growth.

Up until recently the “Dark side” had the upper hand, but that has now changed due to enough people doing their own dance with the Dark, moving into a place of empowerment. The cumulative effect of enough people having worked through a major issue in their life, and the compassion and gratitude they generated, had provided the necessary positive energy to shift the balance in our favor. This makes sense in light of 2 things:

2. Any and everything we do is recorded in the grid. Moreover, the energy we reclaim is also added to the grid.

Many people have been getting hit with lessons around their worst fears. I have worked with many people over the last 4 months and the level of intensity in their lessons is quite high … much more so than I have seen since the end of 2012. The end of 2012 was another intense period of growth … with lessons that were “off the charts” so to speak.

So where do we stand in this global reset now? As I have explained before, the 9D Nibiruans cannot predict the future without controlling our free will. What they can do is tell us where they see the most energy as they project out along the timelines. What they are telling me is that with the balance of power now shifted, we should see the GCR occur before this month ends.

Now keep in mind that their info is predicated on the fact that it is how the energies are lining up right now. Anything can change it though. So with that in mind, I asked what we can do to help keep things on course. Their answer was to continue our clearing. They encourage us to keep asking for help with seeing the lessons in the challenging events that are being presented to us.

The 9D Nibiruans remind us that this is the time when we are literally creating the new reality, and it will contain all the beliefs that we have now. That means both the functional and dysfunctional. Our guides are working overtime to step us through lessons designed to show us where the dysfunctional beliefs are so that we can change them. This is one of the main reasons I was asked to offer the mini-sessions.

In closing, our time is almost at hand … let’s stay the course. Keep looking for the signs from your guides to get you through the lessons. Once we cross the finish line and begin living with new more functional systems, we will be glad we did.

Research link – Global Currency Reset