We are Getting it Right This Time

Greetings fellow Compassion Creators,

As I sit here looking out my window at the daffodils just beginning to bloom, I am filled with hope and excitement.  But it isn’t just because Spring has arrived, on a much larger scale humanity is experiencing our own version.  Having been lulled asleep in the Matrix by the Cabal’s various forms of “sleep aids” many are now begging to awaken from their years of slumber.  (Kind of reminds me of Sleeping Beauty.)

As I explained back in July at the beginning of this new mission, our work was to help free humanity by creating templates for the mass consciousness grid.  These templates would help ensure that coming events, many of which were repeats from the previous Earth Grand Experiments would play out to the right conclusion this time.

I’m posting a couple of research links for you to help substantiate what I’m about to share.

As explained in last week’s post, it is my understanding that the heavy lifting (templates) of our mission is done, at least for now.  There may be another round of template-making in the future but for now, we are done.  I believe this to be accurate for two reasons:

  1. We have not received a new template-making assignment in weeks
  2. Most of the events for which we created the templates have either transpired or no long will do so due to a more positive replay of prior events. More on this later.

Maintenance Mode

So if the template work is complete, what comes next?  Maintenance comes next.  One thing I’ve learned in doing this work is that one must support whatever one creates.  It is no different with template work.  Once I had completed the first mission (1996 – 2006), I entered into a 10 year period of personal work.  For those who have been on this journey with me, you know what that looked like.  It was ten years of self-reflection and emotional clearing.  During that time, I continued the work by writing articles and posting videos. What I did not know then was that I was in maintenance mode, maintaining all the templates that I, along with the many dedicated individuals who participated via the Galactic Counselor Trainings, and Galactic History workshops, helped create.

What does maintenance mode look like?

Just as before it is focusing on emotional clearing.  With each issue we clear, we release the negative energies of those old emotional wounds as something very healing–compassion.  With each one we lift our frequency a tad higher.  At the same time, we energize the templates we created.  And not only templates, we energize all people and things with our new frequency.  So it is a win/win on many levels.

Avyon 2: The 2nd Earth Grand Experiment

Like a wise person once said, “nothing is new in the universe.”  If you have read “We are the Nibiruans, Book One” or “Mission Remembered, Book Two“, you are familiar with the story of Avyon 2, the 2nd Earth Grand Experiment.  You will also recall events that transpired on Avyon 2 and how they are eerily similar to events transpiring today.  Challenges such as planetary ascension (unity or diversity?) A.Is., 5G, along with ET interference, and disclosure to name a few were all being worked out…just like today.  Unfortunately, the final choices did not take the population where they intended to go.

Making the Right Choices

Last night I received a significant download of information regarding Avyon 2.  It is information that filled in more of the details of what transpired on that planet.  I believe I was given that info at this time because it shows that we have made the right choices.  Though I will discuss it in detail on tomorrow night’s Compassion Creator call, I want to share one thought now.

Based on the information, Avyon 2 was in the year 2025 give or take, just a few years ahead of where we are now.  There had already been a global currency reset which in turn accelerated the release of new technologies.   The planet was also at approximately the same place in the precession of the Equinoxes, entering a 13,000+ year  period of enlightenment.  When a planet enters the Photon Band on the up side of the Precession, the population must increase its spirituality in order to make it through the inner portions (the Galactic Superwave) with the planet and people intact.  With the sudden upshot of technology, combined with a now lagging spiritual ascension (money makes life easy), a disparity in frequency between the planet and the population developed.  This disparity led to the eventual demise of both.

We are at a similar point now.  Again, I’ll share more on this on the call.


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Research Links

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