Walk-ins, Starseeds and Signs

Quite often I am asked about signs given by our guides. How do we know when we have been given a sign, and how we interpret it? The best way I know to answer those questions is with an example. This week I received a sign, actually a 2-part sign. Here’s the story, with a little background info to make it understandable.

Many of know that I have worked with the 9D and 5D Nibiruans as a channel and messenger. If you have read, “We are the Nibiruans” and “Mission Remembered“, you know that I spent 18 years working on multiple assignments as part of my earth mission. Though the bulk of my work has been completed, I am still doing assignments. As I understand it these assignments are to assist us as we work to implement the systems required for our new 5D timeline and reality.

After many years of frequent and intense communications with the Nibiruans, it is relatively quiet now. As I wrote in last week’s message, I was informed that I would be able to move on with my life once the new financial system is in place.

It has been my experience that when an assignment is coming to an end, the funding runs dry. Aware of this, our guides step in, providing the assistance needed just in the nick of time. As long as this continues to occur, it is a clear indication that we are on the right track. But what happens if we are on the wrong track, heading away from what is supposed to be our next step? We get a message.

Devin and James

I believe I received such a message yesterday. Sent within minutes of each other were two messages. One was from a woman named Carolyn, asking for help in determining whether she was a walk-in; the other was from a young 22 year-old man I will call James (not his real name).

James wrote of an experience he had had the day. James said that he was paralyzed in a dream and began reading about as he put it, “a galaxy far away on Lyra where the human species was first created…” Fearful that he would forget he immediately stopped reading. Unfortunately that snapped him out of the paralyses and he woke up. Enlisting the help of his friend, James began a search on the Internet and that search led him to me. Explaining his situation, along with sending me photos of pages from a book he wrote when he was 6 years-old, James asked for help understanding why the dream occurred.

Written and illustrated in the writing of a 6 year-old, the book was about a character named Space Boy and his rescue from his enemies, as well as, his trip to Earth. Space Boy was helped by a character named Devin who stopped the mean guys, and assisted Space Boy in getting to Earth. Interesting, huh?

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to tell me that the Devin in the book was the Devin I knew. Connecting the dots, I realized that Carolyn’s email was sent to help me understand what Devin wanted me to know: James and Carolyn are walk-ins and they, along with many other walk-ins, need help. As for the book, it is a sign seeded years in advance by Devin. This sign was to help James understand that he is a starseeded walk-in, and that he has a mission. (This kind of “seeding” is common for people who are walk-ins and/or starseeds on Earth mission.) The fact that James found me on the Internet the very next day was also planned because James would needed training and assistance.

Though contact with Devin and the team has been infrequent of late, there are still occasions when we need to talk. My favorite place to do this is on a hilltop at Shawnee Mission Park that looks out on the western horizon. With no power lines or other magnetics to interfere, I can hear much clearer.

Yesterday, after receiving the emails, I walked over to the park. Standing on the hill, I spoke out loud saying, “I am clear that the emails were a message from you … an interesting way to let me know that you are still around. I also get that you have a new assignment for me and that it has something to do with walk-ins. Is this correct?” I asked. The answer was, YES!

Walking back home I mulled over the signs and what they meant. Today I’m still not 100% certain that I am correct. But what I can be sure of is that if this is a new assignment, more signs will be given. I am also certain that as with any assignment, the people, money and opportunities for it will manifest; I won’t have to go looking for any of it. I just hope that what transpires will be better than what I had envisioned for retirement. *smile*

I hope that for those of you looking for help in understanding how your guides give you signs, that this story has provided a clear example.