Understanding Trickster Guides

There are times during mission training when our guides do things that leave us baffled and struggling to build trust.

As one who went through the ups and downs of mission training and ultimately mission completion, I’ve had my share of those moments. I learned in hindsight why my guide appeared to trick me, thanks to some pretty amazing training. (They will prepare you in advance for these lessons) Yet, there are those now in training who are right now struggling through this situation. (It’s one of the reasons I wrote, Mission Remembered, Book Two.) Because we don’t want to see anyone give up on a mission, I am sharing this story.

The Many Roles of Mission Training Guides

First, we must understand the nature of training. There are stages in training, (see Starseed/Walk-in Training series), and with each stage there are guides. Some guides are with us through all the stages but some are there for a specific lesson. Based on the nature of the lesson to be learned, a guide may, as part of their role, appear to be negative or a trickster. Such was the case with Mary, (not her real name) and her guide I will call, Mantis.

Mary and Mantis, the Trickster Guide

Mary came to me very upset with her guide, Mantis. As Mary put it, in the ten years she had been working with him, Mantis had never spoken a word of truth, nor had anything that he said would happen, come true. And when he spoke, most of the time it was just gibberish, as she put it. “He’s been plaguing me for over a decade and I just want him gone!”

Listening to her go on for about 5 minutes, I began to get an uncomfortable feeling. After nearly 20 years I’ve learned that when someone calls to request a session, and then begins adding restrictions—and without giving me a chance to talk—it’s going to be tough.

Once I could get a word in I explained that I cannot control who shows up for the session. With it understood that Mantis might show up anyway, I asked if she still wanted to schedule. Mary still wanted the session. Honestly, I was reluctant but after seeking counsel with my own guides, and receiving an affirmative response to do the session, I scheduled.

White Dragon Healers

Tuning in to see who had called Mary to have this meeting. I encountered a group of high ranking dragons. Their energy was powerful yet gentle and they had a no nonsense manner about them. Clear, logical, and straight to the point; that is their way. And the link up was one of the clearest I’ve experienced in a long time.

Most of the time I do not receive answers to all the “candy questions” that people ask. Candy is the details such as who guides are, what they look like, and where they are from. These guides, because of the nature of the situation, shared a many details about themselves and their history. For one, they spoke of their connection to Mary (she is one of them) in ancient Egyptian times. They spoke of the temple of Kom Ombo and how they had perfected and taught the initiation process that was performed there. They even talked about their experiences with Mary in that temple and how she had been a somewhat headstrong student. This was all shared with humor and they secretly appreciated her independent streak.

With that said, that same character trait was what was holding Mary back now. And even though they had tried to get the message to her about what was causing the challenges, they had been unsuccessful. So today’s meeting/session was a last ditch effort to get back on track and Mary moving forward.

I’d love to report that everything worked out beautifully, but that was not the case. Because the white dragons were connected to Mantis, (yes he is one of them), Mary told them all to leave. And because Mantis refused to leave, Mary became upset and ended the session prematurely. :-/

Normally I shrug off disappointing sessions, but this one was different; it stayed with me.

Fast forward 3 days.

I was in the kitchen making lunch when a thought dropped in my head followed by an image: father, Mantis is Mary’s starseed father. I instantly felt a deep sadness, and with that sadness the image appeared. (I’m clairsentient). I saw a man standing in front of me wearing a long robe. He had a shackle around his neck to which a large iron ball was hung from a long, thick and heavy chain. Looking into his eyes, I sensed his sadness; this was a horribly painful role for him and he just wanted it to be over. Mantis wanted to be free, to be released from the role but he was bound by his word, his promise to Mary. He had promised to stay with her until she learned the lesson.

I wanted to cry for them both. Why? I knew from trying to work with Mary that she just wasn’t ready.

So what was the lesson? The lesson was integrity or rather the lack thereof. Following through on promises and being willing to take responsibility for breaking the bond of trust when we don’t.

When guides know that we struggle with integrity, they will send guides to help us work through the fears around it. Situations will play out in which our guide will appear to break a promise, to be a trickster. If we are willing to see beyond the viewpoint of a victim, we will realize that they are simply mirroring our own behavior. Furthermore, as I learned, it is a lack of integrity, or fear of responsibility for one’s power that is behind issues with authority. Mary struggled with her teachers as a student in ancient Egypt. And that same challenge presented in our session which led to the unfortunate decision to push her guides away.

In closing, if you have a mission guide that appears to be a trickster, and you can’t get them to go away, it is because that guides is in contract with you. Once you recognize the mirror in their actions, the contract will end. You will then be able to bless them, love them, and release them with gratitude and appreciation. Remember, the souls that love us the most play the most difficult roles in our lives.

Happy new years to you all, and let’s get on with the mission at hand!