When Others Take From You

Since so many starseeds are awakening now, or having awakened previously and ready to begin their work, I thought I’d write a series on lessons that must be learned. (For a more thorough understanding of starseed training, along with a real life example, read Mission Remembered, Book Two.) Though many of the lessons are common to all star starseed races, some are more so than others. Today’s message involves is about money and what we are trying to learn from having another person take from us: financial theft.

Had a session with Pam (not her real name) this week. Pam’s primary reason for having the session was to find out why she had her inheritance hijacked by her sister. Upon his death, Pam’s father willed her a stake in the family business. Her mother eventually sold that business and invested the money in a real estate deal along with Pam’s sister. Now ready to begin her mission, Pam was relying on that money to support her.

Years of battling with the estate attorney (who favored her sister) had left Pam no closer to a resolution than when she started. She felt that without that money, she could not move forward.

Tuning into her guides, I was shown the answer. The lack of funds was not the issue; the lack of courage was. What I mean is that Pam’s guides knew that Pam was still struggling with having the courage to fully step into the role of a teacher … and all that being a teacher entailed. Being willing to take the rejection was the issue.

When I explained this to Pam she totally agreed. Dealing with rejection, especially when it came to her spiritual beliefs was a very big issue. Not only had her family rejected and ridiculed her, the people in her small German town had done so as well.

The issue was two-fold. First, like most starseeds, Pam needed to understand the part she had played in creating that rejection. Since we don’t have a handbook for how to live as a starseed on Earth, we tend do things that we much later do differently.

One in particular is not understanding that when we decide to embark on the spiritual path, we are changing the steps of the dance, so to speak, that our family has been dancing. Anytime we make such changes we send the message that we no longer feel that what was, is good enough. Our loved ones interpret our message as a form of rejection. After all, the old steps are still good enough for them!

When our actions are interpreted as a form of rejection, we cannot expect to have them accepted. Pam, not realizing this took the rejection hard. Once Pam understood this point, it was easier for her to let go of the pain an she had carried over her family’s rejection of her beliefs. Now that she had reclaimed the power from that pain, she was ready to tackle the second part of the issue.

Taking the Hits as a Teacher and the Frightened Inner Child

Pam’s guides went on to explain that taking responsibility also included her inner child, especially where ridicule and rejection were concerned. A large part of Pam’s rejection fear was that of her inner child. Because Pam was not taught how to have a relationship with her inner child, she was unaware that she was putting that child in harm’s way. Pam didn’t realize that each time she took on the shame of someone’s rejection, she was essentially put her inner child in front of her like a shield. After years of taking the blows, her inner child had learned that mommy was not going to protect her.

Drawing from, The Divine Partnership, the 3rd Key of Compassion, I explained a little about the inner child relationship and what it entailed. I explained how each time we accept shaming, we put that shame on our inner child, causing the inner child to feel as though he/she is worthless. No wonder we struggle with self-love! The solution was to understand that if we choose to step into the role of a teacher, we must do so with the understanding that rejection and ridicule will be part of it. Shaking things up is going to frighten and anger people causing them to respond with ridicule–just like our family. In a way you could say having the family reject you is the first step in learning how to handle this part of being a teacher. You just have to shrug it off and remind yourself that people a right to their feelings and opinions.

Back to her family and the inheritance issue. Pam now understood that she had planned the inheritance issue as a way to remind herself that she needed to address a long standing fear of being ridiculed as a spiritual teacher. Until it was addressed, her guides would wait to move her forward. (No sense in training someone who won’t stay the course.) Now that Pam had learned what to do and how to do it, I’ve no doubt that she will be stepping out soon.


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