The Purpose of the Earth Family in a Starseed’s Mission

It is not unusual to choose topics based on sessions and this week is not exception. Seems I have had a string of clients lately that have the same challenge: they don’t understand the purpose of having been born in to their respective earth families. Having gone through that myself, I empathize with their plight.

It’s hard enough before our awakening to deal with the feelings we have, the emptiness and isolation. Feeling like a stranger in one’s own family can leave us so empty, aching with loneliness. Even as a child I felt I was on the outside looking in, never really fitting in, never really belonging. I felt that my family were strangers that somehow tolerated the odd creature in their midst. For years I thought it was because I was the only girl in a family of boy,s but once I awakened I discovered the truth; my feelings were due to being a starseed.

The further I went in my studies, the more my beliefs changed and evolved. Before long the disparity between our beliefs had become so great I felt so uncomfortable that I stopped talking to my family. Angry that they didn’t seem interested in all the things I was discovering, I felt justified in leaving them behind. My new family became fellow awakened starseeds and lightworkers.

Imagine my surprise when a few months after I released We are the Nibiruans, Book One, I was informed that I now needed to reunite with my earth family; to build a bridge of reunion back to them. Now I was on the hot seat to live the compassion I had been taught and had written about.

Of course when we receive these assignments, a plan is already in place to carry it out; my family decided to hold their first ever family reunion the following month. Oh boy!

Needless to say I was concerned. My relationship with my mother was well–difficult, my dad had been on the periphery of my life for years and my brothers and I hadn’t talked in ages. This was going to be difficult! I had spent so many years away from them all that I firmly believed there was no way to bridge back.

A few mornings before I was scheduled to leave, I had an epiphany, the purpose of my family was to perfectly mirror the issues of my starseed family. By doing so they would enable me to remember the challenges my home world faced and why I was sent. As I thought about my parents and brothers, the challenges became clear. Suddenly my reservations about seeing them disappeared. I realized that regardless of where we originated planet-wise, we, as souls, had a bond that was more ancient than the physical bonds of bloodlines on planetary worlds.

We knew that at some point in our soul evolution we would begin separating to incarnate on different worlds where we would pick up beliefs that were different. Eventually we would need each others assistance to work through the imbalances that would be inherent in those beliefs. At that point we would incarnate on the same planet to live as a family; our differing beliefs the walls that separated us. To fulfill our missions we would have to remember our connection and balance the imbalances in our beliefs that created our separation in this life. If successful we would have completed the primary purpose for which we left our respective worlds to come to earth. But more importantly, we would be able to see our families for who they really are. That understanding would become the bridge we would cross to reunite with our loved ones.

This week my brothers and mother are coming to my house for a reunion. It is the first time we will have been together since my father’s death two years ago. I can’t wait to see them and share time together. You know, as much as I love my starseed/lightworker family, it’s not the same as the love of my earth family. Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be … the sweetest love is love lost and then found.