Staying the Course in This Pivotal Time

Greetings Fellow Compassion Creators,

As we move through the days ahead, it is good to keep in mind that we are now in the most crucial stage of this Grand Experiment.  This is the time in the 2nd Grand Experiment when we allowed our need to see justice override our trust in those who put their lives on the line to free us.

In the 1st Grand Experiment, well–we didn’t even get to this point. In other words, the trust was never allowed to go public even a little bit.  The control of the people was so strong that any one daring to speak up was eliminated.  Yes, no sending them to a camp where they could be “reconditioned.”

This time (3rd time around) having learned from our past, we are taking it slow, awakening people a little at a time.  As discussed on last week’s call, Third Grand Experiment Timeline Update, the challenge is the same at last time, will the people be willing to wait for justice until the freedom fighters have all the evidence needed to take down the corrupt leaders?

To this end, we are being urged to go further in our discussion from last week.  Should be a good conversation.

Talk to you this evening.

Speak later at the compassion creator call.


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