Third Grand Experiment: Timeline Update

Hi All,

Have been waiting to see what this week’s topic is supposed to be.  Sometimes it comes early and sometimes not till the day of the call.  This week it arrived this afternoon as I was out watering the gardens (something about water, hmm…).  In any case, an idea that those of us “in the know” are putting pressure on our leaders to make things happen, is a repeat and one we need to think carefully about.  In other words, since we were not able to successfully integrate, thereby keeping our two previous home worlds in tact, it behooves us to take heed this time.

I could see in my mind’s eye a scene wherein the people had lost patience–we literally ran out of time.  The biggest challenge facing those trying to free us was the decades of mind control that rendered us virtually unable to consider another view.  In other words we had been so brainwashed and for so long that we could not find within ourselves the will, much less the courage to “think outside the box” and speak of it.

As I explained on previous calls, we had never made it this far; our leader was taken out and those left who picked up the torch and tried valiantly to carry on, were systematically eliminated.  We haven’t had that happen this time, our leader is still alive, but where we face danger is in the growing impatience of those awakened to see the change they want to see.

There’s more to share but I’d best stop here.  I’ll share more on our call tonight.

Speak later at the compassion creator call.


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Call Notes

Joe M created a video about the plan to save the world that I spoke of last night.  Here is one that I feel conveys how critical our part is in freeing our planet.